I've been wrestling around with my blog here... can't seem to get my comments to work.  I'm also trying out some new backgrounds.  So please... bear with me on this and I'll be up and running as soon as I can figure this out or until I don't have a hair left on my head to pluck out.


  1. Wow this is so pretty. I love it. It's warm and nostalgic. A place to snuggle down in and enjoy your yummy and beautiful stories, recipes and photos.

    Thank ya for the info on the 123 snake. I have wondered about that critter for over 40 years. lol (I made an in-post reply to you.)

    You helped me solve another mystery once again my friend. You are sooo cool and smart too. Thank ya so very much! (((hugs)))

    Wishing you a fabulous day!