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I just love fall ~ and squash!

We took a drive today down by the  Mennonite community and went to the Morning Glory Gardens and Beaver Creek Bulk Foods stores.  They had the nicest squash on sale.  That is one veggie we don't grow in our own garden anymore, because we can buy it so reasonable from the farmers market.  For a great big blue hubbard squash we only had to pay $3.00 a piece... no matter what size.  The butternut, acorn, varigated acorn and buttercup squash ~ they were 3 squash for $2.00 ~ that's only $.66 each!   How can you go wrong with those prices.  Just for giggles and grins we weighed one of the butternut squash.  It weighed 6 lbs.  In our local grocery store right now squash is $.77 a lb.  So that squash alone would have cost us $4.62 in town, and we only paid $.66 for it.  Talk about a huge savings.  


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Also,  we swung over to the Bletsoes Cheese Factory in Little Chicago and picked up some cheese curds ~ a 3lb. bag for around $8.00 and some fresh colby cheese, a 5 lb. block for around $14.00.  That's around $2.80 a lb.  There is nothing quite like biting into a fresh, straight from the factory cheese curd... that squeaks when you eat them.  yum!  I might have to deep fry some of them ~ if I can keep Slim and Sam from eating them up on me before hand.

Other than that... there really isn't that much going on around here.  The guys have been going out every day cutting balsam boughs.... for selling to the wreath factory.... trying to make some extra income for the holiday season; and hopefully enough to fund a pig hunt in Texas next February.  

I have been feeling a bit guilty ~ not being able to go out and get boughs with them; but I have been having terrible pain in my arms and hands again with these rotten fibromyalgia flair ups that I get.  I wish I could remember what a day without pain feels like.

They have also been doing a bit of fishing ~ when they get a chance.  We had a really nice meal of fresh walleye last night for supper ... can't complain about that.

Oh well...
Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.



  1. Mom was just telling me about how she enjoyed her road trip with you and Slim yesterday....sounds like you made out great on the squash...those prices are 'give-aways' sure sniff out the deals...congrats on that didn't say how much you are putting in the freezer and on the pantry shelves...

  2. RE: Dar
    It was a nice day ~ weather though was lousy. I don't plan on putting any of the squash in the freezer. Hopefully it will hold up for the next 6 months sitting on the garage floor. We'll eat the acorn squash first; because that has the shortest shelf life, then the butternuts, then buttercups and last the hubbard. We already tried 2 of the varigated acorn squash for supper night before last... very good ~ a little bit lighter colored flesh than the acorn.