reflection tree~

I'm just sitting around this morning, waiting for the appraiser to show up, and decided to kill some time and play with a photo. 

This is the original, unedited ~ it's a big maple tree in all it full fall glory that stands on the edge of my yard.

What I wanted to do with it was make it look like it was on the edge of  a lake.

Here's how it turned out after my putzing around with it.

I think I need a lake in my back yard.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
-  Albert Camus


  1. Hi Mel!

    Thank you for stopping by the blog and for becoming a follower!

    It's great reading a blog from Wisconsin. While I grew up in the Rockford area I spent most of my time in Wisconsin (especially when the drinking age was 18 and Illinois was 21!).

    My parents still live in the area and football season is everything to them. They're split between the Packers and Bears. Both were secretly pulling for Brett.

    That's great what you did with the tree and the lake. If you could just get your fish to swim in it! Feeding them is a cool feature!

    Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. You do soooooo good on your it and
    yes, you need a lake in the backyard.

    I'm hoping my computer will start back up
    when I shut it down... if not... I'll be
    calling back this weekend!! THANKS - you saved
    me a good chunk of $$. It amazes me how much
    you know about the ins and outs of it.
    Hope you feel better, take an alka-selzer and
    call me in the morning - lol.

  3. Thanks for reading my blog.I figured that you would'nt let that one slide by.LOL!
    The pic of the maple in your yard is beautiful and the one with the pond is almost like a very relaxing,quiet vacation.

  4. Too Cool to sit by your lake off the deck...thanks for 'tweaking' my imagination...and I DO hope you feel better,...soon as you told me you weren't feeling well yesterday, I should have followed my instincts...I'm miserable... so goes in MY neck of the woods...
    DO love the lake

  5. Beautiful picture of your maple tree Mel. :)