up north~

Tis the season up north for Christmas wreaths.  Or in our case... time to go and get the boughs for the wreath factories.  The guys have been going out every day trying to cut ~ weather permitting.  Yesterday, it was cool out; just above freezing ~ but nice enough to be out there cutting.  At least the snow has melted off and the boughs are dry.  There's nothing worse than cutting boughs in the rain and sleet and snow.  

Bailey and I even went along this trip.

Here's our foreman:

  She only lasted out in the woods with us for a little over an hour ... then it was constant, "I want to go and watch cartoons.  Can't we be done now?  I think I have to go back to the house and go potty.  Do you think Sponge Bob is on right now?  Is Dora on after Sponge Bob or before Sponge Bob? Do you think cartoons are on your TV?"  She sure wanted to be watching cartoons!  I could only bribe her so long with the cheese curds, and sausage links in the lunch pail and the coconut cookies and apple juice before I gave in to her and took her over to the farm to visit with her Great Grandma Obernberger for the rest of the afternoon.  Mom said she never realized how old she was getting until she spent the better part of a day with a little one that age.  Geeze Ma,  all you had to do was turn on cartoons!! 

Here's some more pics of the afternoon:

Slim - sorting the boughs before tying together in a bundle

"Ride 'em cowboy!" ... sitting on the boughs to make a tight bundle when tying.  He's giving me that "evil eye... you could be helping a little bit here" look and "quit saying ride 'em cowboy!" haha

carrying out another bundle to get tied

Sam... being Sam 
"Git yer monkey ass out of that tree and git cuttin'!"

half a load done

It really was a wonderful day in the woods.  I haven't been able to get out there as much as I like too; so I really enjoyed it.  I even cut around 7 bundles myself; so I was happy with my accomplishment.  One thing I wasn't happy with though was the fact that I got slapped across the face with a tree branch and broke my glasses right in half!  Now I have to wear my old pair until I can get hold of the clinic on Monday to order a new pair.  Bummer.

Oh well...

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I miss cuttig boughs, but only on cool (but not too cool or damp) fall days. Baily sure makes a fine foreman, cartoons first as long as the crew isn't "monkeying" around!

    Thom couldn't believe how much that pic of Slim tying up the boughs reminded him of one of his Alaskan friends.

  2. Sure wish my hands weren't so numb...I'm lucky to cut enough boughs for my own wreaths and a few for the think I will do that tho and make garland for the deck...that's easy enough...I do miss spending entire days in the woods, how we used to cut...what does it pay these days, anyway...keep up the fine work...looks good on ya Slimmer and Sam, Sam, Monkey Man...Baily is such a where's the pic of you Mel?