the kids are here~

The school bus just dropped off the grandloves, Brooke and Bailey ... and the welcoming committee, Brandy and Amber are there to greet them.

Look at the faces here ~ Amber is smiling, she can hardly contain her happiness ... and Bailey looks like she had a rough day. PreK is a lot to handle for a 4 year old.... or maybe it's just that hour long bus ride to G'ma's house.   lol

When the kids got in the house Bailey couldn't wait to show me what she did yesterday for Valentine's Day.  She donated her long hair; which came almost to her little butt ~ to the Lock's of Love!

I'm sooooooo proud of her!!  
I was telling her how I've done that too in the past ... 5 times already... and each time it was a ponytail of over 14 inches.    My hair is now at that stage of life where the gray is more natural than the blonde, and it doesn't grow as fast anymore ... so now another generation is carrying on in my footsteps. 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Dance o' Joy! Love it! You can tell that When the kids arrive, it's just the best excitement in the world for your pets. Sweet!

    I love your tradition of donating hair. It's so wonderful that your Grandbabes are carrying on the tradition. It's such a worthy cause. ~applause~ Big hugs to you all for your loving hearts.

    Wishing you a week of happiness and smiles!

  2. How sweet is that? My granddaughter has donated her hair twice now and her mom, my DIL, has once. I'm like you, these days, it just isn't in my scope of goodness to wait as long as it would take!

  3. What a sweet entry. Good story about the hair, a wonderful tradition, beautiful smile. Neat name 'Grandloves' also.
    Stay warm, I am colder looking at the snow!
    From Florida,
    Sherry * Jack

  4. How special that your granddaughter wanted to grow her hair for locks of love. My five year old granddaughter is doing the same thing. Pretty special!

  5. Locks for Love is about as worthy a cause there is in this turbulent world...please tell BaileyGirl that Aunt Dar loves her new haircut and that she is giving another child a wonderful gift of her beautiful locks. It's awesome she is following in your footsteps. Darcie does that too at least once a year. Too Cool
    God Bless You All ((Hugs all around))

  6. What a generous little personality that Bailey has.
    She looks cute as a button with her new haircut.
    It's great that she's taking over your tradition, Mel.
    And at such a tender litttle age!
    How great is that???

  7. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    Funny Mel! Keep that water in the area of the land of lakes this is already lake county down here!!!!!!!

  8. Happy dance, happy dance, watch the dogs do the happy dance! Love Baily Bean's new doo! Our Summer Anne donated her hair to Locks of Love too... makes us grandmas so proud of our grandloves! Love to all my sisters out there!