makin' bacon 2~

Today we finished up the bacon.  It's all sliced and vacuum packed and put in the freezer for the coming year.  It turned out so nice and lean and very lightly salted and smoked.  Delish!  Dear Hubby sure does  a great job when it comes to this kind of stuff.  I guess I'll keep him♥.   We're so spoiled ... making our own smoked meats and such ... we can hardly stand to buy some of this stuff in the stores anymore; not knowing what's in it.  We make our own bacon, kielbasa sausage, polish sausage, breakfast sausage, hot dogs, bratwurst, salt pork, landjaegers, liver sausage and summer sausage.  Plus we do all our own canning and freezing of vegetables.  It's a lot of work ... but oh so worth the time and effort if you can do it.  We also buy our beef and chicken straight from our farmer friend ~ drug free ... no hormones or additives in there either.  I swear... if you can do it and set yourself up where you buy direct from the farmers market and know where your food is coming from there is just no comparison in flavor and quality.  Plus... it's so healthy for you!
The birds sure were hungry this morning.  I'm thinking maybe because of the coating of ice on the tree branches ~ covering the buds that the birds like nibbling on.  The icy branches were just beautiful though.

the hungry buggers~


  1. I can smell that bacon a cookin' from here. Yes think you better keep that hubby.

  2. Bacon is on my last meal menu. That batch ought to do it.
    Great feeder shots.

  3. I love your bird your photography period! I had my DH on here with me a little while ago viewing your slide show of the fish!
    LOVE your blog.

  4. Way to go you guys...the bacon looks great and I'm sure it tastes even better.
    Cool pics of the trees....what time did you get up to catch those....mine were clean this morning...must be your hollow.....gorgeous, and the tweeters sure are some nice captures sure catch some nice bird shots girl...

  5. RE: Dar... Eric stopped over this morning and he commented that the only place all the way over that he saw any ice on the trees was right here at my place. Go figure?? He said it was "just our little hollow" ... well maybe that explains too why we can still find frost in the swamp in June ... "in our little hollow". I'm telling you ... I live in the coldest spot in Wisconsin!!

  6. Our trees were very 'frosty' this morning ~ just beautiufl. I love the close ups of your tweeters and I'm still hoping Slimmer will share some of his prize bacon! hint hint and if that isnt obvious enough HINT! HINT! ;)

  7. It is wonderful to live where you can raise your own food and process it too; then you know what is in it for sure! I always think that farmers have the best life style.

  8. Gosh that bacon looks yummy. Is there no end to your talents for perserving so many types of foods. I am just wowed by it. I enjoy the smell of fresh cured bacon. There's nothing quite like it and then when you put it in a pan and cook it, the aroma is mouth watering. :)

    I love your winter, birds and critter photos. The beauty of Nature never ceases to amaze me. You are quite gifted in catching the perfect shot.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy & Loving Valentine's Day! (((hugs)))

  9. Wow, what an industrious project! I'm sure it is worth it, but I can't imagine myself doing it! Can I hire you two? ;D