Time to catch up and get with the program again.  As if there ever was a program.

  I had a doctors appointment again yesterday with my cardiologist.  I wish I could report that things have changed for the better; but no can do.  Let's just say his final parting words with me were, "go home and try to live a happy life."  Well... isn't that what we all do??  Live happy lives.  I guess that's a better report than the doctor before him gave me.  His parting words were "I'll see you in the ER when this blockage here gives you a heart attack... if you make it to the ER." 

Some days it's just so frustrating!!!
I know I need to be as active as I can; but where am I suppose to get the energy to be that way?? ... when your heart can't put out what your body demands??? I wish there was a magic pill or a wand that could be waved over me and make me feel like I was 20 again.

My Dear Hubby even went in with me yesterday to see the doctor.  He's so concerned, and about as frustrated as I am over all this. He doesn't like to see me get so weak, and on the verge of passing out and breaking out in these horrible sweating episodes that I get.

I guess sometimes there just is no easy fix and that's life.  We need to deal with it.

So ...
He bought me a rose bush!
Actually, there are six plants of miniature roses in that pot.  I hope I can keep them going until it's warm enough to put outside in my flower bed.  In the meantime... within a few days all those buds should be open and it'll look like a big bouquet of blooms.

Hopefully, after they bloom I'll be able to cut them back and they'll give me another show this summer. 

I think Slim and I both are so ready for spring and warmer weather.  Day before yesterday he bought me two amaryllis bulbs to plant.  I know it's a little late for the amaryllis bulbs ~ they are usually planted in anticipation for blooms at Christmas time ... but they were so cheap he couldn't pass them up.  They were only $2.25 each.  At Christmas they were 5x's that.  Slim's so sweet sometimes ... he gives me those bulbs and asks if I think I could grow those outside.  Well... they are an indoor plant; but I'll try them in the flower bed this summer.  I know I'll have to dig the bulbs back out in the fall because of our harsh winters. 

We both are getting antsy now for our road trip at the end of the month to Texas and Arkansas.  When we're in Texas we plan of going to the Ft Worth Botanic Gardens to see the release of the butterflies.

It's so cool having a hubby that loves flowers as much as I do.  Now... if I can just get him to help me tend the flower beds.  lol ... I know he'd do it if I asked ... but digging in my flower beds is my escape ... and he respects that too.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.
See... I did it again.  I used my blog as my "bitchboard".  I keep telling myself I am not going on a pity wagon and posting stuff about my bum ticker ... yet here I am again... doing it.  Oh you poor souls who stick with me and let me use this blog as my therapy!  Well... you asked for it... and I deliver.  Sometimes I just can't keep my emotional feelings to myself... especially when it's something I live with on a daily basis. 
Okay now...
go be happy!!!


  1. I do hope you find someone who can offer you an answer to your condition. Maybe a pace maker or stents?
    Good luck with your bulbs. Those and the catalogues flooding the mail now do bring the promise of spring.
    It does help to get our hands dirty doesn't it.

  2. Bitchin' and Butterflies,
    my kind of woman!
    Hurry up and get here.

  3. Wow,Mel,...Roses And Amaryllis, no way would Bill do that. Now, if they were apple trees or potatoes....
    Sorry bout the doc report, at least he sounded a little more compassionate. Hope you're feeling better today. One day at a time.

    God Bless Your Journey

  4. Doctors don't know have the best
    "bedside" manners!! You aren't going anywhere until the Lord says you are (and we give our permission) so, enjoy yourself in the meantime. Love ya oodles even when you Beeeitch!

  5. Hi girl, I just knew that you did too much work and would be sick. I could spank you !!!!!!

    I know it is hard not doing what you really want to do and especially with people telling you what a good job you are doing, but you gotta take care of yourself. Honey, learn to say NO! I will be so glad when you go to visit in Texas, just walk and enjoy but when you start feeling tired, please stop before you drop. Love ya Mel.

  6. Moni's right, slow down! I actually came back to comment how much I love your new background... its so you!

  7. I love your new background also Mel, I do not understand why the doctors can't help you. Instead of giving you grief and making you feel guilty they should be trying to help you. Isn't that what we pay them to do? I didn't think that you were having a pity party, I think you were just sharing! Take care of yourself and enjoy yourself on your trip, you deserve it.

  8. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems, Mel... I hope that you can find out what is wrong ---and get some REAL help. Have you gotten a second opinion??? Seems like there should be something someone can do. I will keep you in my prayers.

    That was nice of your hubby --buying your those beautiful flowers (roses and amaryllis).. You have a "keeper" for sure!!!!

    Sorry I have missed so many of your blogs.