Dear Hubby has been talking lately about getting new tires.  Well...  when I said I needed new tires... I went out and got myself a new pair of boots.
   Well... Slim needs new tires and what does he go and get???  You guessed it!

While he was out "tire shopping" ... I'm sitting at home being my frugal self making some new tote bags.  I was sitting home doing nothing and I called on my sister Darla to see if she wanted to collaborate with me on a project.  Originally, I was going to make a duvet cover; but down sized that project to tote bags. lol  Besides, I really didn't need another blanket or coverlet ~ but I am in need of some more new totes.  You can never have too many of those!  I'm not a huge fan of sewing; and I know Dar likes to sew... so she did up most of the stitching for me.  The little bit that I did do ... like on the blocks of the second tote ... I sewed them together backwards ~ lol

All three of these bags are from recycled materials. 
This first big one was once a pillow case:

It even has a divider in it creating a secret pocket:

This next tote is made of a mish-mash of different materials from blouses or pants that I once had.  The liner and strap are from a sweatshirt. 

This third one was once a sweatshirt also.  The pocket liner and the bags inside liner was once a silky blouse.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Well now if that isn't the nicest Valentine for the "Princesses" ride. Sure beats a pumpkin. And a new tote too! You're all set to go.

  2. RE: Cher...
    A pumpkin would have been a LOT cheaper!! This truck is just like our old truck only 5 years younger. It really wasn't an impulse buy ~ we've been in the market for a new one for some time now and Slim has been shopping around for "tires". I just didn't think that it would be this month, and that it would be a whole new vehicle; but you know Slim .... he likes to surprise me!

  3. Well, lookie there...your totes turned out so nice Mel...don't credit me. I only stitched part of them. You did the real work kid. I love your chickadee on DeeDee. You even lined the pockets...Don't sell yourself did a great Thanks for calling me tho cause we had a great time collaborating. It's been too long.

    As for that Slimmer, now he done good...nice wheels ya got there.

  4. The tote with the birds is soooo pretty.

  5. I love your totes! Do you have a pattern that you follow? They are beautiful! And to think they were recycled! WOW. Makes me think about all of the things I've passed on that I could have made good use of. are just so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

    As for Slim's new tires...that reminds me of about a year ago. DH and I had been talking about getting a new vehicle for several months, but hadn't really decided on any one in particular. We were driving by a dealership one evening after I'd picked him up from work and he said, "Let's stop in here and look around," as he pulled into the car lot. We both said, "But we aren't buying tonight! Right? Right!" I guess you know by now...we took a car for a test drive and did all of the paperwork that evening...picked it up the next evening! :)

  6. Love the totes and the new truck, Happy Valentine's Day Mel, lol