better disposition~

I'm feeling better today ... now that I got the "whack the fairies" out of my system from yesterday. lol

I did manage though to tick off a momma and daddy robin so I could get these pictures of their young ones still crammed in the nest.

They have a perfect nesting spot ... right under the eaves of the wood shed.
They're sitting high and dry ... only problem is ~ they are in the way of us piling wood there.  We'll just have to wait them out a few more days until they are big enough to fly the coop.

I have trying for a few years now to grow lupines from seed ~ and finally... they are grabbing hold.
Apparently, they take a few years to become established and don't put out blossoms until the second year.  Next year I should have a ton of them blooming.  I have hundreds of plants popping up now along my driveway from seeds I put in this spring.  I can't wait for that flower show!

My peonies are starting to bloom ~

They are so fragrant!  Love 'em!!

In fact ... I don't think there's many flowers out there that I don't love. 


Sam put the trail camera out to see what's got the dog all upset:

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I am sure glad you are feeling better. I was getting upset at the 'nasty' Mel coming out! And there you go again, messing with the Robins! LOL

    'tis good to let loose everyonce in awhile.
    YOu and that sister of yours can sure grow some beautiful stuff. The flowers are gorgeous and a trail cam, It looks like the Black bear is posing some.

    Enjoyed the post, you guys are something else, constanly working, stacking wood for the next winter. I thought everyone knew, it is a law, retire and you must move to Florida! (Or South Texas!)

    Great entry. Love the pictures. Take care, God Bless.
    Love from NC, Jack & Sherry

  2. I love those lupines. And that bear was a surprise. Loved the photo of the baby robins, too. A good time of the year for taking photos.

  3. So glad you are 'more better'. You were a whirlwind yesterday. Walking around my yard today, showed way too many of the fairy rings too. The ones in the flowerbed by the top driveway, are turning the soil into fungi dust. What a mess., so I understand.
    Nice flowers coming girly. I've gotta get back over there. I'm glad you stopped was a nice visit...way serious, but always great to see you.
    Is that the BIG one Sam got pics of? We have a dandy around here too...goes 550-600 lbs. It's gotta be the same fella we saw last fall.
    Have a great weekend Kid. I know you loveit when I call ya that.
    Loveya Sis

  4. Wow you and Dar have the greenest thumbs. In fact I think your whole hand is green. Pretty,pretty,pretty.

  5. Fun blog and great pictures. Thanks. I really like the lupines. Reminds me of many trips along the North Shore.

  6. Those flowers are beautiful. Great picture of the baby robins. Hope the bear is far away and I bet it gets pretty cold ion Wisconsin. My ex has 2 daughters and I can't remember where but one lives kind of in the country. My and ex's kids get along great with his 2 girls.Since, so it keeps them busy trying to keep up with everyone. HE AND WIFE NO.2 divorced and now he lives in Ak. with 3rd wife who is very nice.I was lucky, my four we had together live here in Lincoln so I had the joys and trials of raising them.

  7. Hi Mel, thanks for stopping by my blog. Now I'm following you - great pictures. Now I'm thinking my life is somewhat boring as we have no black bears wandering anywhere nearby, that I know of...

  8. I love those flowers! Bunches of them in bloom would be lovely!

  9. Your pictures are always so beautiful, Mel! Love the ones of the Black Bear.