get together~

We went to another graduation party yesterday ... in the rain... again... 

It doesn't matter the weather though... it was so nice to see some of my nieces and nephews that I haven't seen in awhile and to see the next generation of cousins together.

A cluster of cousins :)

my great niece, Jenna Rae ~ the graduate... and her Great Grandma ~ my Mom

Notice the guy in the background?  That's my Dear Hubby, Slim ... and we wonder where our son Sam gets the "Where's Waldo?" from. lol

This is Lacey ... the pound hound ... she was rescued by my niece Jessie and has proven to be a very good dog:
She sure did endure a LOT of loving from the little ones ...  and I do mean ENDURED...  they just couldn't quit with the hugs and love.

When we got home last night there was a little surprise sitting on the edge of the lawn... six baby cottontail rabbits ~ they must have come out to play a little bit after the rain let up:

Also, look at what else we have in the woods by us:

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Great pictures. Of course the hound is special. Our Spunky is having a lump taken off and the works tomorrow. Ours is a beagle and the lump has cancer cells that could become malignant if not taken off.

  2. WOW! I see you all know how to enjoy a get together. YOu sure know how to end a post. What as show stopper for us town folk. We got the rabbits, and yours are cute, but we ain't got the mama bear with twins?

    Take care. As time goes on I learn more of your swimming antics from your sis!
    Love from NC
    Sherry & Jack

  3. I sure wish I had not missed that party but I just didn't have the energy to tote 2 youngin's along. Wow, the kids have grown. Who has the hood up?
    Love the bunnies, but not that they soon will be loving your flowers. You can keep the bears.
    I told Jack about us using Lake Superior for therapy...I think he thinks we're crazy.

  4. Love all the pictures. I haven't been able to comment in Dar or Jack's blog and a one or two others. I'm anxious to see if this one goes.

  5. Always fun to get the family together for such a special occasion! We have the sweet baby cottontails around here right now, too~ but NO bears...

  6. I had to laugh at your "Where's Waldo" comment about your husband. My friend nicknamed my hubby Sasquatch because "he's elusive and hard to photograph" ;)

    And my first thought when I saw the picture of the bunnies was that I wished we had some bunnies in our yard. But then I remembered our garden, and I'm happy to just see the pictures!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  7. I just returned from NY and big family get much fun and I get to see everyone all in one place! Love your cotton tails!!!!

  8. Nice to meet you Mel! I have a "Where's Waldo" lurking around my house too! LOL

    Enjoyed the bunny pics! We use to raise them in Ohio, when I was just a kid. The wild rabbits would spend the winter under the cages of our pet rabbits. Enjoying the straw and food the fell through the bottom of the cages. A few times, we would end up with orphans that we would take care of.

    We have tons of black bear and deer, where we are too! Most people don't think of that stuff when they think about FL/Disney! LOL

  9. How neat --to have the cousins all together, Mel... Congrats to the precious little graduate. Love the picture of her with your Mom...

    Rabbits are cute--but they'll eat your flowers and garden. Good Luck!!!!!

    AND--we won't talk about the bears!!!! ha


  10. Mel, I so enjoyed this post of family times together. Your mom is such a sweet looking person. And I loved the wild life pictures. The bunny is adorable, but I think I'll pass on taking some of yours. My husband said there were four that he came across while in the area of the "salad bowl". ;-)

    Have a wonderful week...and thanks for stopping by.