the graduates~

Night before last,  Grandma Mel and Grandpa Slim had a very important event to attend ... the 4YK Graduation Ceremony.

Here is our proud granddaughter, the graduate ~ Bailey

and our great niece ~ the graduate ~ Julie

and our neighbor children that we baby sat until school started for them ... the graduates Morgan & Megan ~

Big sister Brooke... getting bored with the whole thing. 

a family shot of my daughter Staci with her crew

It was so fun watching the little ones get their diplomas. Now they will be in Kindergarten class next fall.   They will be the high school graduating class of 2023.  Wow... if that doesn't make a person feel old.
Slim and I went fishing yesterday...

all we caught besides a good sunburn were undersized small mouth and large mouth bass
got reprimanded by a loon for being too close to her nest

which someone put boards around to protect it from boaters and a little deck on it ...
notice the two eggs in the nest

We were also getting the evil eye from this goose.  There was another one there with it ... and I believe some little ones in the taller grass; but we didn't see them.

Cool Reflections
When we got home the weather was looking pretty threatening... big rain clouds building up.
My poppies finally opened while we were gone...
and this morning the wind and rain has them all laying down... but they'll
pop up again when the weather clears.  I guess that must be why they're called 
I snapped off two photos of them when we got home last night from fishing.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Congratulations to the cute little graduates. Before you know it they will be where my oldest granddaughter is. Time passes so fast. My Steph recieved her Master's from UT Austin last month. She embarks on her new life next month and a new job for a large company in downtown Houston.

  2. What a crew of "graduates!" Our Taylor graduated from Kindergarten on Wed. and YES we were able to attend! Very cute! Love,love,love your shot of the poppies.

  3. Good to see the graduates, please stick around for the 2023 graduation, and post about it. I want to be here to read it. and reflect back.
    Thanks for taking us fishing, that looks like real fishing water. Now that one fish, I think you can stretch it a little and it will be legal! LOL

  4. Awww, such proud little grads...and look at Staci's family all grown up.
    Love that last shot of the night poppies. They are gorgeous.
    What did you catch tonight?

  5. Bailey and Julie are so cute holding
    those diploma's....gotta love it.
    And the twins, they sure are concentrating
    on something...Bailey is just being her
    smilin' little self.
    Great photo of Staci, Paul and the girlie girls.
    Wish I was there!
    love yas, me

  6. Don't know how I became ursmi in that
    last comment, but it sounds exotic,
    so I'll go with it, lol.
    love ya, lil sis, aka ursmi

  7. RE: ursmi aka lil sis~
    I think Morgan and Megan were paying attention to what the teacher was saying and Bailey was going to just go with the flow! lol She wasn't going to give up a photo op.