and more critters....

We've been getting quite the critter show on the trail camera.

Even a little lens sniffing by a bear ... so far we have pics of seven different bear on the trail. 

Sam, Ash and Rupert went fishing again ... caught a nice  meal of walleye ~ the bigger one was the biggest that Rupert's ever landed.  It was a little over 24 inches.  Way 2 go Rupe!

There's a size slot on the river by us ~ you can only keep in possession a daily bag limit of 3 and only one can be over 14 inches in length. 
I just have to share this barn pic with you...

It belongs to my niece Jessie ~ It's her little shed where she stores her gardening tools ~ I just think it's so darn cute... and now I want one. lol

I also snapped off this pic at Jessie's place...
her ferns with the eagle ~ too cute ... LOVE your place Jess!!


Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. What a neat device the trail camera or critter camera. You guys have some interesting visitors up there. It is amazing you know the animals apart, like the bears. Recognizing which ones are on the camera this time.(Don't give me the line: The bears are the big ones and the squirrels are the little ones!!! LOL)

    But then you guys never cease to amaze me.
    Enjoyed the post, even the barn and the picture of the fish, now that makes me a little envious, even though I don't think I have ever eaten Wall-eye.

    Lots of love from the mts of NC

  2. Thanks for the walk in your surroundings! Very beautiful! Thanks also for your visit!

  3. Fantastic pix!! I have to ask .... how did you get the picture of the bear's nose? Surely you weren't right there?????

  4. What a wonderful picture of the bear, and the fish catch looks good, too. Terrific photos of all the wildlife!

  5. You sure have a busy trail camera...if I didn't have lil scrappers every day, I'd have all of mine out...ah, no kids tomorrow...hmmm that looks like a mighty big bear nose. You're lucky he hasn't torn the camera off the tree or is it in a box?
    Nice Pippy Pic
    Maybe will see you in the morning...put the coffee on Sis

  6. Love the picture of the black bear. I don't know what it is about them, but they fascinate me!

    Is that eagle in the ferns for real? We used to be able to sight the bald eagle several times throughout the year where we lived before we moved here ten years ago.

  7. Mel: Great photos and a nice mess of Walleye, congrats on all the catches. I loved the bear and the eagle.

  8. You get the most incredible pictures Mel! I mean, more bears than the zoo and a real bald eagle just sitting on the ferns, how cool is that?? I love the raccoon, although I know most people consider them a pest. You also have the best fishing spots.

  9. RE: Moni & Dianna ~ the eagle is fake. He's only about 1/4th the size of a real one. It is pretty though sitting on that stump in the ferns. Jessie receives a lot of compliments on it.

  10. You do get a lot of critters. I like the bears nose cause that will be the closest I will ever be to a bear.

  11. Loved it all. Jessies little barn shed is exactly what I want!! I LOVE IT! Hmm ... I think I feel another 'project' filling my veins.
    p.s. my word verification was "uncher" - how funny is that

  12. Like the trail camera! we could use that to se wha tis in the woods around us. Great shots!

  13. What a good photo of the racoon. Very interesting what shows up on that trail camera, and I love how spectacular the eagle looks among the wonderful greenery. I used to love the trout fries of the old days. Nothing tasted better!

  14. Wow that a busy trail. Now if my dog was kenneled near that he'd be barking all night. Now where exactly did that 24" walleye get caught? :)

  15. Hello Mel. Thank you for you visit and your nice words.
    It was nice seeing your beautiful blog also. Love your photographs, especially those of your critters, smaller or larger. From now on i will be following your blog as well.. as I like very much whatever has to do with nature.
    Thank you again.