feed them and they will come~

Dear Hubby & son hollowed out a long stump with the chainsaw,  filled it with a shovel full of reject cookies and crumbs from the cookie factory (that the local feed store sells) and buried it halfway in the ground and put a very heavy slab of wood and a rock on top.

momma and her little ones ~ notice how momma just picked that big ol' stump out of the ground

full bellies ~ time for a catnap
a coyote passing through

Mr. Shaggy in the process of removing the rock to get at the buried stump ...

... even the crows and the squirrel have to get in on the action

a very ugly mangy wolf
the curious raccoon

and Mr. Bruino

So that's what's roaming around in my back yard these days.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

I just love being able to live so close to nature ~ but it can also have some drawbacks ... such as keeping your grill good and clean so the bear aren't up on the deck checking things out ... and bringing in the bird feeders at night so the bear aren't eating them up and smashing the begeebees out of them ... and making sure the deck door is LOCKED so you don't have unwelcomed visitors of the natural kind wander into the house.  It also makes you VERY cautious when going for a walk.  The big bear doesn't scare me much, but I am leery of the protective momma when she has cubs and I also don't trust that ugly wolf that is full of mange and losing his hair.  I always carry a very hard oak stick when walking the trails... not that it would do me much good I suppose in a charging situation... but it just makes me feel better.  

Here's a pic of my stick that I took last winter ~ that's why there's snow in the photo... lol ... NO it didn't snow here this week.

Last night I had fried up some fish and some potatoes with bacon and onions for supper.  I told Sam he better make sure the bear have something in the stump because I didn't want them checking out the good smell coming from the house.  So far... cookies are keeping them happy.   
Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Your squirrels owe that bear some thanks.

  2. Very interesting. That is a lot of critters coming to visit. If you have a discount bread store up there they have a lot of excess cakes and breads at a big discount. They sure have a good sense of smell. I would be afraid to get out with just a stick. Helen

  3. Shake that stick girly. Man, you sure have the critters...hate the look of that mangy wolf...he needs to be eliminated before he infects the entire population of critters out there...the least he could do is infect his own kind...they certainly are becoming a problem for our pets as well as a health hazard.

  4. Incredible photos Mel, and I think that stick isn't much protection against an angry critter; I guess it is best to keep 'em fed and happy, lol

  5. Great photos. Up close and personable. Truly great.

  6. wow there sure is a lot of critters enjoying supper at your house. I especially like the baby bears.

  7. Wow~ lots of wildlife around your house! Do you use a motion detecting nature camera to capture photos?

  8. Love the entry Mel. You catch some great situations with the trail camera. I loved all the curious animals.
    The ugliest and most interesting to me is the 'mangy wolf'. You know, I never thought of a wild animal having the mange. Learn something every day.

    I would think it would get a little tiresome making the deck animal proof every night. I know I would forget at least once!

    Love the stories of the outdoors.
    jack & Sherry from the mts of NC

  9. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I tell ya...I have no idea what the deal is with all the tattoos.

    What a happening place you have there. I love wildlife!

  10. amazing...cannot imagine sitting on my deck watching such wonders of living is ok...but you don't see stuff like that unless you drive for a long time...and then maybe not then!!! wonderful are blessed for sure...and I could smell that cooking all the way here in KY....sheesh girl..awesome!!! LOL...hugs from us sutherins in KY...I refuse to be called a redneck!!! Ora

  11. Love those critter pictures. When we lived in the mountains of Arizona we had lots of wildlife but no bears. I think I'd carry something besides that stick when I went for a walk.

    Although I don't like killing wildlife, I'd eliminate the mangy wolf.

  12. Good morning Sunshine.
    Thanks for all the wonderful
    nature shots. Bruino is something
    else! Lets hope he stays happy in the
    woods and doesn't come up onto the deck
    looking for goodies.
    Love the walking stick photo. That came
    from Scarsborough Faire in Waxahachie, TX.
    Gave it to Daddy same year I gave you the
    dulcimer....glad to see its getting used. I don't
    think Pops ever used it...he didn't quite trust it
    compared to his great homemade ones....his
    were the real thing.
    Love ya, catch ya later - me