My Dear Hubby calls me the Queen of Concoctions; but I have to correct him.  The Queen of Concoctions would have to be my mother ... I'll have to settle for Princess.  

Mom could take a quarter pound of hamburger and make a 2 pound meatloaf ... or a 1/4 cup of flour and turn it into a roaster pan of stew with raised baking powder dumplings ... enough to feed her family of nine kids... herself and Dad, Grandma, and whomever else showed up for supper.  AND... there would probably be leftovers that would get turned into a big kettle of soup or something in the next few days.  She was a very frugal cook!

Slim and I would tease her, the six months that we lived with Mom and Dad while our house was being built,  that our poor dog who loved table scraps was going to die of starvation. 

Now... why am I talking of concoctions?

  Dear Hubby, Slim ~ came in from the garage freezer and tossed a bag of frozen blueberries on the cupboard ...  asking if I could concoct something out of it.  He has a sweet tooth and I haven't been making as many desserts around here as he feels I should be.  It's not easy to try to cook healthy all the time and the easiest way that I found to eliminate some extra poundage around here has been in the dessert department. 
BUT... good wife that I am... I took those berries and gave it a whirl. 

Look at this ...  it was a total concoction ~ and a darn tasty one if I say so myself.

I had extra pie dough left over from my last pie wrapped up in the fridge.  Ideally it was enough dough for an 8 inch pie ... but I rolled it pretty thin and turned it into a 10 inch deep dish pie.  Next I tossed in the bag of blueberries DH bought in... went and grabbed some strawberries and raspberries also out of the other freezer, together with 4 Tablespoons of Minute Tapioca and 1/2 cup of brown sugar and about a teaspoon of cinnamon.  Now for a crunchy topping....  why not some Muesli ??  OMG... what a good topping that made.  This particular Muesli was a mixture of dried cherries, dates, sunflower hearts, slivered almonds and oatmeal. 

Speaking of dogs... I know... I wasn't ... but I did earlier in this post.
My poor little pooch, Brandy is getting old.  I've noticed when the sun is bright she walks around almost as if she' blind and her hearing too is getting so bad. 

Look at these pictures I took of her yesterday.  She was at the top of the driveway... just wandering.  I called out her name in just my normal speaking voice  ... I think she heard me but couldn't see me.  

Then I called to her a little louder ~  still... same reaction.

Now... I talked to her just a little louder.   Notice the look on her face now that she realizes it's me.

I can still put a smile on a face ~ even if it is a dogs. I wish they made doggie sunglasses and hearing aids... I'd go out and get a pair for the old gal.

Took a few more flower shots....  I know... I know... me and those dang flowers... what is this blog anyways... a flower show.  Why yes it is!!!
White  & Purple Cleomes  or Spider Plant

This is a weed... Dames Rocket ~ I have to get the spent flowers off before they go to seed.  It's a pretty weed though and I always let it grow.

I love the petals on these African Daisies ... they look like spokes on a wagon wheel.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Look at that Mixed Berry Pie and not put on the pounds....Oh my, that looks soooo lip-smacking delish!
    Good job, but then when have you ever not made anything great from your kitchen, you kitchen wizard, you:)!
    Brandy is getting up in dog years, isn't she. She sure responded once she knew you were talking to her. I'd say she's YOUR dog. She knows who butters her bread.
    Have a great flowering that African Daisy...and what a pretty color too.

  2. Boy that pie sure looks good. I love all the beautiful flowers even that weed. Your doggie sure has a smile on her face. That smile makes me smile too! Thanks for visiting my bolg and will be talking again later I am sure. Blessings til next time.

  3. Okay lady, this one I will forgive. You ladies must know something, there must be a secret 8th sense. You know if it isn't chocolate, blueberry is her next love. But then I am learning to love blueberries so I will let this one pass. The slice looks delicious, even I can see that. My mama was good with concoctions, but not fancy ones like this.

    I know Hubby was thrilled with what you came up with.

    Amazing, the smile on Brandy when she recoginzed you. She looks so happy, "OH, it's you!"

    I love that funny looking wagon wheel, the African daisy.
    You are something else, knowing all that stuff. I enjoyed the tour, Sherry will too when she gets back from church.

    Love you Mel, good entry.
    Love from NC

  4. That concoction sounds wonderful!!! Oh, yum!!!

    I love the pictures of sweet puppy and the flowers. How sweet she is!

  5. That sure looks a tasty concoction, and those African Daisies are so beautiful...Thomas

  6. I love the smile on Brandy's face, and I especially love old dogs. You enjoy cooking and you know how to do it! That is something I know about, check the cupboard, see what's there then fix something yummy, lol

  7. Mel, I left a response to your comment about the oil light in the car on my blog. I couldn't find an email addy for you, or I would have sent it direct.

  8. Hi Mel,
    Thank you for your comment on my cushions. What beautiful photos you take! I love that you identify all the plants, that is something I am always needing help with. My mom was the queen of concoctions too, I used to call her when I didn't have anything to make for dinner and she would tell me what I could make from what I thought was nothing! I didn't inherit that talent, alas.
    Brandy is such a cutie! How sad that she couldn't hear you at first, but her face once she did, that was amazing. She still has a lot of love to give, doesn't she?