the babysitters~

My Grandloves have a babysitting job from now until July for a little Plott Hound dog.  I don't like it ... it's going to break their little hearts when it's time to say good bye.

But I'm just the Grandma ... and do I know what I'm talking about?  I guess life's lessons aren't always easy ones.

My daughter and her hubby are in the dog business ... they have always raised hounds.  There are always puppies around, growing up, being sold, etc...  and the kids have become used to it.  BUT ... it still bothers me.  I just hate it when they have puppies around and the grandkids get so attached ~ then have to see them go away.   This particular Plott Hound that is pictured with them is going to go to North Carolina in July.  I'm sure they will be well compensated for raising it until then; but still ... it kinda draws on the heart strings. 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Love the photos...this is exactly why I've never fostered dogs...I wouldn't be able to bear giving them up when they go to their forever home!

  2. I understand completely. I am extremely adult in years as you know but I get very much close to most any dog if it is a puppy especially. Grandma's worry but as you say "you are only the grandma".

  3. Oh, I know the tears of letting a pet go. When the kids were little and kittens, puppies, piglets and calves and ponies, were around, they too had a hard time letting go. For some reason tho, it never bothered them to butcher a chicken.
    Let it go Grandma, there is nothing you can do except dry their tears.

  4. Hi Mel, I'm sure it is hard to EVER let a beloved pet go.... But--since their parents have other dogs (coming and going), maybe it won't be 'too' hard for them when that sweetie leaves in July.... WELL---good luck to them all!!!!!

  5. Awww, you will probably see a few tears when it goes then another one will come along to help their feelings. Helen

  6. That is such a cute puppy! Nice pictures of the grandloves too.

  7. Beautiful shots. Maybe, just maybe it won't be so bad. Yeah right!!!

    Oh guess what? We found Spring, it has been hiding in Tennessee, we found it. Shirt sleeve weather. Her for the night then to NC.

    Love you (This is great)
    Sherry & Jack

  8. I guess since they have been raised that way, they will be OK. I know when I ran my shelter, I was always thrilled when a dog went to a good home, even though I was a bit attached but then I was an adult.