how Great Thou Art ~


I watched this last night on "Girls Night Out" and just had to share. I just love how Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill do justice to such a beautiful song.

This is my all time favorite song ~ it was also my Daddy's. I'm crying as I type this post ... that's the powerful impact this song has on me.

Dad always told us when we were kids that if there was ever a song that we NEEDED to know ... this was it.

40 years ago ... Mom had the verses of the song typed out and pinned up on the basement wall next to the washing machine. I think she put it there so we would see it on Saturday mornings while being in the basement doing laundry.

Now whenever I hear it I think of my Dad; but more importantly I remember the day he passed away and could just envision him standing before our Heavenly Father ... bowed in humble adoration. On earth, Daddy's temporary home, he was crippled and without feeling from his hips down ... but that day ... I know he walked and did so without pain and bowed before God singing his praises, "My God, How Great Thou Art!"

Happy Easter!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. We watched it also. She put her heart and soul in it, and Vince Gill can make that instrument talk. I really enjoyed the show. My mother used to sing that song.

  2. I was just humming it when I pulled up your wonderful memory of our Dad. He truly was a perfect father and I miss him so much. He was constantly teaching. I'm so glad we learned the true meaning of Easter and Christmas from our devoted parents. We are blessed.
    Loveya, and will see you today.

  3. What a Beautiful post, Mel. I just noticed it and had to check out the song, and I loved it.
    I was just thinking also as I was reading about your dad, that just maybe he and my dad have seen each other in Heaven. My dad became a Christian, in his latter yrs. and just past away a year ago this coming May.
    I have been watching the passion of Christ movie this morning, and had to take a break as it brings so many tears to my eyes, and it breaks my heart to imagine what He went through for us on the cross and before the cross. I find this so very hard to watch, and have to turn away but at the same time I feel God's love and His presence, and I know it is not the end but the beginning of our Great Salvation, and in that I rejoice. How Great is our God. Such Amazing Grace that saved a sinner like me. It is wonderful to be in relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I lives, and so do we for all of eternity, to all who believe in the Good News of the Gospel. Praise God. Thank you Jesus.
    Have a Blessed Easter Mel. We are sisters in Christ.
    Love and Care
    Dianne :)

  4. what a wonderful song! it is very interesting how songs can stir our souls. i am sure your daddy is happily looking down upon you and his spirit will always remain close by. i lost my dad in 2008...amazing grace is one of my favorites and moves me to tears as well.

  5. The tears of memory can hurt but they also bring a sweet joy. Songs easily stir those tears. Sorry I missed the show.

  6. The song I sang as I drove home after finding out D had died.

  7. Mel, I got choked up just reading this post. Dad used to tell me that he loved hearing us sing 'How Great Thou Art' because he knew that someday we would be singing it at his funeral per his request. I think I sang my heart out that day, and by the Grace of God I never missed a note. I sure miss him.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  8. Wow! I missed that special, but I had heard about her performance. It is one of my favorite songs also. She did amazing, I teared up watching it! Your post was beautiful!