bear & coyote & buzzards & eagle ~

Look who's back ~ we knew the bear were out of hibernation for some time now but this is the first one we've seen this year:

notice the temperature ... 35 degrees ... it's still pretty cold at night

He's a jolly big boy (I thought I'd throw in a little English accent in honor of the royal wedding today) for just having spent 6 months sleeping off his fat storage from last year.  

We even had a coyote visit last night:

Also on the trail cam yesterday ~ turkey buzzards or turkey vultures ... same thing :)

They sure are ugly!

 Their body almost resembles that of a young eagle
that head ...

poor things ...

they look like they put it in a meat grinder!

and of course
Mr. Crow and his pals fly in and get some photo time too :)

THEN there's this guy ~

get a look at that face!
Talk about hamming it up for the camera!
He's probably looking up at the crows and buzzards telling them to stay out of his photo shoot!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. those are awesome! don't get to see any eagles or bears in my area, tho we do get plenty of the coyotes and vultures and crows.

    that eagle is fantastic!

  2. Love the eagle shot - looks like he may have heard the camera go off. lol
    'love & hugs from too far away'

  3. I love these photos! The Eagle does look a little indignant;). I just think your trailcam is wonderful. We have those ugly vultures too!

  4. You're right Moni... he does look indignant ~ maybe he was doing his impersonation of a buzzard. lol

  5. Awesome stuff again, Mel. Sure wish my trail cam was an active one...but then we don't drop goodies. Todays economy has barely filled my own table. LOL Love the Eagle, and what a fat bear...he must have been HUGE last fall.
    We're outahere for the weekend.

  6. Big ben bear for sure!

    And I laughed out loud at that eagle pic lol!

  7. Wonderful pics! That eagle is awesome!!

  8. That trail cam is terrific. You really have a variety of creatures. The eagle shot was perfect.

  9. Far out! I spotted nesting bald eagles but don't have enough glass on the camera to get any decent shots....unless I stand in the middle of the river and that ain't happening! We have a lot of turkey vultures but I've only seen them in the air or on the roost, never on the ground. As for those 4 legged critters, I had to promise the landlord I'd stop shooting coyotes in the back yard and haven;t seen a black bear since I scared one off the neighbor's back porch with a load of bird shot into the trees. man could that boy run!

  10. Reading your blog is better than watching Animal Planet. Seriously.

  11. You do have a quite a few interesting animals there. Have a Happy Mothers day tomorrow.

  12. Wow, great pictures. I have a trail cam but only seem to manage getting pics of racoons!

  13. Wow! What great pictures of the bear, crows and vultures - with the obvious master being the Eagle! Still no turkey here. Two more weeks before the season is over and I have only been three times. Hopefully I get to go at least twice more.

  14. Cool pictures!
    We had dozens of eagles during the colder part of the winter, but they've left now . Love the picture of the bear....very cool!
    I have to agree with you too...the buzzards are ugly.
    Have a great weekend!

  15. My girlfriend had a bear on their deck the last couple of nights ... they forgot and left some birdseed out the first night .... the second night was a hopeful visit as they corrected that mistake right quick.