new post~

This is my second post today ... I just deleted my last one.  To anyone who read it ... I apologize.   I came across as an angry person ... and that's really not who I am.  A little crazed in the mind once in awhile, or frustrated, yes ... but not angry.  I read my prior post and I sounded like a bully.  I was rude and it was uncalled for.

Enough for today ... we'll see how things go tomorrow.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. whew! back to your normal mel... :)

  2. Awww, heck. I missed it and now I want to read it! [grin]

    I'm glad you're feeling more like yourself. We all have those moments/days. Don't sweat it.

  3. i'm with Lynilu, SHOOT!!!!!

    I hate it that you are gonna be your self. LOL Once I was in line at a New years party. I tapped the guy on the shoulder in front of me. Thinking he was a friend of mine. When he turned I said, "i'm sorry I thought you were someone else."

    Without a break in stride he said with a serious face, "I might be."

    I have never had the chance to use that line.
    Take care, thou daughter of the NOrth Woods, you will find yourself, and be thrilled with what you find.

    Love you
    Sherry& Jack down were we had a nice day today.

  4. What did I say? I just was ranting about pressing 2 to hear it in English, something about sign language and putting down your ethnic background on forms and wishing the atheist a Happy April Fools day ... after all ... I do feel it is their day. We Christians have Christmas and they should have a day too ... and I thought April Fools was a good one for them ~ because they are fools not to believe in God. I did come across rather harsh on some of the points I was trying to make ... thus the deletion :)

  5. awww shucks Mel. It is what it is. Like Dad used to always say to us, " Nuff said."

  6. Its your blog. Boy sometime ya just wanna say something.

  7. Paula is right, it is your blog and you have a right to say whatever you want to. I know I must offend folks at times, but then they can do their own blogs.;( Life can be very frustrating at times and how we deal with it is our own way of making it better for us. Don't worry about what other people think.

  8. Thanks for the synopsis of your post. Curiosity would have killed me. Hope you BP is back to normal. Venting is very therapeutic.

  9. I didn't read it but let me tell you, If I were a drinker sometimes, even though I love him, my husband would drive me to drink. The blog is a good way to let off steam cause if no one wants to read it, they can click it off. You are ok Mel. I love your blog.

  10. Hello lady of the North...I haven't blogged for a while..but I am blogger friends are the best...and I learn much from each one...but your blog takes me to another world...of the North Country...I don't like cold weather...but endure it here in KY..not sure what I would do up your way...and listen..this blog belongs to you...nobody is twisting their arms or fingers?? to read it..if the shoe fits wear it...we are all entitled to our opinions....if they match yours fine...if not...sorry about that!!! you have a great day and God Bless you....alot!!!!! hugs from Ora in KY

  11. Dang, you went off and vented without me! And you know what a good listener I am! lol
    'love & hugs from afar'

  12. Darn... I didn't read it... BUT--I'm sure I would have agreed with everything you said, Mel... This is AMERICA... When someone legally comes to America, they need to learn our language and follow OUR laws.