I'm no early bird ~

Yes! More snow is in the forecast for our area ~ accumulations between 2 to 4 inches by tomorrow.  Can it get any better ... just think ... no bugs in the snow.  Although I suppose snow fleas don't mind this kind of weather ... not that I've seen snow fleas around here.

I have completely given up on griping about it.  It is what it is ... and there's not a darn thing I can do about the weather except take each day for what it is and that's that.

So ...

To try to stay ahead of the game ... hoping and praying that I'll be able to start gardening by the first week of June ... I planted some tomatoes and zinnias today. 

I know ... all my friends from the south are probably laughing ~ their tomatoes are probably producing already ... and they're probably cutting bouquets of fresh flowers ... but us northerners have to play this long waiting game with Mother Nature and Father Time ... and cram our growing season into just a few months between June and September.  It's challenging to say the least.  If we start our plants too soon, they'll get leggy and not transplant well.   We can't put seed into the ground because of the frost coming up out of the soil.  Yes, we might have warm days ~ but if the soil temperatures aren't consistently warm ... the seeds won't germinate or will rot as soon as they sprout.  Most of the gardens in our area are put in around the last two weeks of May for the cold crops, like peas or root crops like turnips or carrots.  The tender crops like beans or tomato plants or flower transplants don't do well until the second or third week of June. 

I always get a kick out of the green houses in the area.  They'll be all set up for the early birds ... selling beautiful flowers and veggie plants by Mother's Day.  The early birders will buy them ... set them out ... only to have them killed off by that "one more" frost of the season.  Then they get to sell all over again to the early birders.  I used to be an early birder ... but over the years I've learned my lesson.

They say patience is a virtue ... I'm very virtuous :)

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I feel your pain. It has been snowing and pouring rain and I am so sick of it. I need patience.

  2. hubby is in n dakota this week and they got massive snows last night too... :(

  3. Good for you, oh hopeful one...hoping it will warm up is a good thing, Mello! I see you already have the seeds you just bought yesterday on our road trip, in the it only in egg cartons.
    Thanks for showing me where the ' best places to shop ' are. Loved the Country Store and of course, we always gotta take in Goodwill and St. Vineys. Too bad we were too broke to buy even there. Mercy, we are poor in funds!
    BlessYourHeart and thanks again yesterdays support.
    Ha! Verification word is ' rates,' as in You, Mel, ' rates ' right up there.

  4. Awww Mel you may not be an early bird but you're a sweet bird. i'm glad you know not to go buy those plants too early now. I hate to say this, guess I don't or I wouldn't say it, would I? Buttt we have two air conditioners running this afternoon. We'll get our just desserts in July and August. We'll be panting for some cool air and we're already begging for rain. Always love your entries.

  5. I am sure your area has good things that make weather not so important. I just enjoy the heat but not everyone does. I know you folks have great gardening skills and your canning makes me envious. Spring will be with you very soon.:)

  6. I am sure if I were there, I'd be an early birder looking in dismay at my frozen plants. I am early here and it is a challange protecting everything from the weather.
    Funny, I am patient about everything but my garden. Love the no fleas and also I'll bet you back isn't sore from over gardening.

  7. I had never heard of snow fleas until a couple of days ago and now here I have read about them twice. I have not planted any tomatoes yet. You can never tell when a frost is coming this time of year. Glad that you are not one of those early birders anymore. I have stayed away from looking at flowers myself. I have no desire to buy more than once. Helen

  8. This is my first year trying a small raised bed at the cottage. I am following your lead. Whether you know it or not, you have become my garden mentor. Good luck, I'm a stubborn student!!

  9. I stay away from the plants till I am pretty sure there are no more frosts. This year it may be June or July if this weather does not straighter up.

  10. Hi Mel, What would we have to talk about if we didn't have the weather???? ha ha .... It's cold here in TN this morning (33 degrees)... Brrrrrrrrr.....

    Hope you didn't get too much snow. We got FIVE inches of rain yesterday..