Well another spring time job is done ... cleaning out the bird houses and putting them back up for another season.

 Patching roofs ... putting on new siding ...
shaking out last years nesting materials ...

making things pretty for this years tweeters ...

Now tell me ... if you were a bird wouldn't you want to live in a hollowed out gourd that has been painted like a cow?  AND get to live in an apple tree?  Talk about some prime real estate!

I have eleven bird houses around the yard ...

I didn't even notice that red squirrel on the tree in the back ground until I uploaded this pic ... shows how observant I am. ha!

... a little chickadee sitting up in the tree waiting for me to get out of the yard so it can fly off to it's nest ... which is here:
in the hollowed tree

Of course, everything I do outside must meet the approval of the over seer ~ Brandy

So how big are your woodpeckers?
do your trees have faces?
The snow is slowly going!!! Today is suppose to reach into the high 60's and rain is in the forecast for tonight.  Hopefully, tomorrow morning ... the snow will be gone.  If I get real ambitious today ... and can talk Dear Hubby into cutting some brush and cleaning up sticks in the yard ~ I just might have to make a big fire in the fire pit that sits out in the middle of the yard.  I can't wait to have a campfire night again.  I think I'll drag out the lawn chairs and benches and we'll have a kettle of chili for supper outside.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Looks great Mel. If I were a bird, I would want to live in the kitty cat house. Love what you have done, and that is one huge woodpecker. Ha!
    Can't say my trees have faces like yours. Like em though. Um ... firepit,and hot chili sounds good. I am on my way. :)
    Have a great day!
    Dianne :)

  2. I love the bird houses. We had one to close to the house and had to take it down. Mice were invading us. Old House. It got up to 90 yesterday and it was to hot for this time of year. Then seeing snow on your blog makes it seem ok to nearly have a heat stroke. lol

  3. Hi Mel, We are into the 80's here this weekend... Seems more like summer than spring....

    Glad you snow is finally leaving and that your birdies can come back to their beautiful homes... Love all of your bird houses...

  4. i love all your birdhouses! you're not gonna fake me out with the pileated woodpecker again... i'm on to you.

  5. Great minds think alike - how many times have we done the same things on the same days without knowing it?! AND ... as we were filling the seedling trays outside the other day we heard, then saw our first bluebirds of the season.
    'love & hugs from afar'

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  7. I would love to put up some birdhouses, but it's just one more "upkeep" thing to do, and I'm not keeping up with what I have already! That being said I'll just enjoy your photos, OK?

  8. We have lots of hollowed trees around that the birds seem to approve more of than the birdhouse we put out. Sigh. It has never been used.

    The shady places still have snow ... like my yard ... but otherwise, it truly has disappeared and quickly. A couple of cooler days ahead ... according to forecast.

    Leftovers today, Sunday, for all three meals!

  9. Your birdhouses are great! You had me fooled for a second with your pileated woodpecker. We had one here once...I couldn't believe how big it was!

  10. Love your birdhouses and if I were a bird I would love to live in any of them. I collect small birdhouses and have them hanging in a tree and on my front window ledge.

  11. You make me realize I may not have enough houses. What a collection you have. Mine are full now and I am having to plug up the exhaust pipe of my car to keep the birds out. Definite sign I need more houses.

  12. Definitely going to have some tweeting again this spring and summer. Love the houses, but did you do one as a cat? or was I seeing things? I ain't building near no Puddy cat, Tweety would say.

    You are one ambitious lady. Take it easy on Slim he has been trying to hybernate. It takes awhile to unwind that long figure of his!!!

    Love the pictures of Brandy!!!

    Love the entry,(especially the red squirrel who sneaked into thepic)
    Sherry & jack