plant stand & vase ~

It's a gorgeous day in the north woods! Spring is showing her face ... :) and it's putting a smile on mine.

I decided I needed to do something today on the crafty side ... so here's what I came up with.  I had an old table with a swivel top that was in need of a new top.  I took the old top off and screwed on a slab of wood.  I think it'll fit the bill for where it's going ... out on my deck this summer with a bushy plant sitting on it.  Or maybe it'll get tucked into one of my flower beds for some added height for a flower pot. 

I was still feeling folk artsy so I took an old hurricane vase and painted a butterfly on it.  I thought it'd be cute with some fresh cut flowers ~ like daffodils if they ever get to blooming ...  sitting out on the deck ... or maybe on my new slab topped table.

There's still a lot of snow in our yard ... but around the trees ... it's disappearing fast ... and the grass is already greening up under the snow.

This little red squirrel was enjoying the sunshine as much as I was :)

Brandy is enjoying the warm weather too .... just lazing around soaking in some sunshine.

It won't be long ... and I'll be in my happy spot ... digging in the dirt :) ... planting flowers ... and some veggies.  Oh Spring ... how long I have been waiting!
Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. You are so artsy Mel! Springtime is always lovely, my purple iris are all abloom and look like a painting.

  2. You still have snow. Ours is all gone & I do not miss it. Flowers are about to open. Your little table is cute & natural looking. One would look pretty in my gazebo. Thanks for sharing the idea. I can not wait to get out & dig in the dirt too. My seeds are waiting. The chicks spent some time out side today. I wish I had squirrels like your beautiful one. I feel like taking in some sunshine like Brandy myself. Blessings!

  3. love the stool top! and the big classy, glassy butterfly! hurray for spring! (i haven't seen a red squirrel in YEARS!)

  4. You are so talented you make me sick!@!!LOL
    I love the butterfly, I bet Slim is glad to have you hanging around.

    I know that sun feels good to Brandy's old bones. You make my mouth water thinking about some fresh veggies. Shirl down home had already bought tomato plants. I know she had planted squash already.

    Anyway, we are leaving tomorrow, can't wait for ever for spring.
    LOVE, Sherry & Jack

  5. Love both of your artsy crafts. They are both very cute.

  6. love the table and gotta agree....longing for spring....long walk helped today.
    Ben says, write B E N, so there ya have it!
    BlessYourHeart ben

  7. I like the butterfly that you painted on the hurricane vase. Very nice!

  8. I hear ya about just being Grandma - if only they would listen. Oh well! Loving these sunny, warmer days that are finally showing up! Love your craftiness!
    'love & hugs from afar - too far!'