happy b'day and new toy~

Happy 235th Birthday America!!! and Happy Birthday TexWisGirl too:)

Our little town had it's fireworks last night.  I usually don't go in to watch them; but the Grandloves insisted ... so off to town I go.  We watched them in the backyard of my daughter Sara's place, sitting up on a really nice hillside.  It was a good viewing area; but a little far off from the actual fireworks; but still close enough.

I know I hadn't mentioned it yet; but I got a new camera (a Kodak Z981 - not the camera I was thinking of getting; but I wasn't going to turn it down when Dear Hubby takes me in the store and says he's buying me this camera; just because he loves me ... aww shucks honey, there you go pulling on my heart strings when I don't expect it) ~ so I figured this would be a good time to test it ... trying to capture the fireworks ... which I've tried before with my other camera and never had any success.

Here's the first attempt ... not happy with that :(  ... I'm thinking to myself that maybe I'm really not liking this camera.

But after some fiddling around and trying things out :)

I'm starting to change my mind on the camera :) and liking it more and more.

The fire works were a lot better than what I got pictures of, and a LOT more of them ... but for a first time attempt at getting firework shots with the new camera ... I was a happy camper.

So this morning I headed down to the river for just a few shots ~

I'm loving the auto focus :)
neighbor Matt with a little bluegill
nice rod holding technique Matt ... lol
Yes, I think I'm going to like my new toy.

A quick look at the flowers ~ one of my lilies that's blooming.  Well there's a surprise ~ a butterfly wing.

oh geeze ~ another squirrel picture ... are you sick of them yet?

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. oh you are so sweet! :) thanks, dearie!

    i LOVE the 2nd fireworks photo - looks just like a spider! :) congrats on the new camera! it looks like a good one!!! (go hubby go!)

  2. I'm trying to decide on a new camera, but there are SO many options and my brain cells are SO limited. Looks like this one is working quite well!

    Happy 4th!

  3. Happy 4th, Mel. You are going to love the new camera---and I think you already DO. Great pictures.... Love the river shots. Wow!!!!


  4. Dat Slim, He am a nice guy! You did good with the photos, makes me want a replacement camera. I always love you critter shots, even the neighbor critter, but only you would have commented on a boys ability to hold his ROD; the natural way!

    Love you lady and glad you had a good holiday. I guess the yard is the same you watched the parade from!
    Sherry & Jack sending Love from down here.

  5. Very nice fireworks from way up by Sara's, WOW, mine are pathetic and I was just south of the fireworks field. Can't wait to see your new toy.
    Look at how still the river was, WOW again.
    Have fun with that surprise. Bill told me to take the day off to rest up, that's something., right?
    Have a great week~~~playing with that new toy.

  6. CONGRATS ON THE NEW 'TOY'!!! It looks like you played with it like a pro!! Nice shots!!

  7. It's a GREAT camera...when used by the right hands. You gave us some most beautiful shots - and NO I'm not tired of the squirrel shots. ☺

  8. WOW ~ knowing the distance across the river from the actual fireworks I must say I'm impressed!!! GREAT shots! I do love my new camera as well.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  9. Keep that camera, those were great fireworks shots. Some looked alive.
    Had to laugh at the fisherboy.
    Tell that keeper guy you sleep with he done good.
    Arkansas Patti