a HUGE success ~

~ our friend's daughter ... so proud of her Daddy's winning perch from the fisheree ~

Another year has come and gone ... and another Justin Donner Memorial Fisheree is under our belt.  What a HUGE success it has been.  A lot of hard work ~ but all worth it in the end.  

The fisheree winners list is up on the JPD Warrior website:  2013 Winners List

We can't thank you enough to everyone who helps us with our program.  No matter how big or how small your contributions are EVERY SINGLE ONE is appreciated!!!!!!!!  It is because of the love and generousity of so many that we are able to hold this annual event  and in return are able to pay it forward back to the community each year.  

You can read all about us at http://JPDWarrior.com


Now a little teaser for you Jack --- here's a few of my pies I made for the pie auction ~ you should have been there:
~ S'mores Cheesecake ~
~ Banana Split ~
~ Tin Roof Sundae ~
~ Toasted Coconut / Pecan Caramel Drizzle ~
Sorry about that to the rest of my followers; 
but I just have to tease Jack when the opportunity presents itself :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. the little girl's glee was too cute, but dang those pies!!!

  2. Just in from shoveling and the snow is just a coming down .. have to keep up with it or it will be too much for me! That said, a piece of one of those pies would taste might tasty right about now. What a tease!

    That little gal is too cute over her Dad's winning.

  3. That's a pretty big fish she is holding! And what a smile too! The pies look super too.

  4. I don't know whidh I like the best the fish or the girl! hahahahaha She is cute. But I love the perch.
    Now, Honestly, THEM PIES ARE BEAUTIFUL, I bet alos they were as good as they looked. But Imma going to take the Coconut dude.

    I betcha I could eat half of it.

    Love you girl and so glad the Fisheree was a sucess, such a great cause.

    (((HUGS))) Stay warm...

  5. PS: I guess it is obvious I don't have spell check..... LOL

  6. Congratulations! Sounds like a great time. Thanks for sharing. Wish I could have bid on some of those pies. Yumm!

  7. Congratulations on this years success!

    I gained weight just looking at those pies. Girl, that's just mean!

  8. So what was the going bids on those pies? I swear I just gained a few pounds just by looking at them! Nice fish!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  9. SWEET Lil Darling,
    Fish for the Frypan and
    Oh, those pies...
    nicely done, Ms Mel
    You ARE the Queen of Pie

  10. I had to come back and tell you Sherry is over there looking at these pies again and drooling. hahahahaha

    I'd take any of them!!! haha

    Thanks you sure stirred that girl up... LOL