brrr ~

I don't know where you are - but it's cold here!
The thermometer this morning is at Minus 15 with a windchill of Minus 30+

The birds have been hitting the suet feeders pretty heavy ~

We feed black oil sunflower seeds and always have a supply of high protein out for the birds in the form of fat cut off the deer and bear that were harvested in the fall.   Also, when we butchered our pig I rendered down lard and saved all the cracklings for the birds.  That's what the chickadee is pecking at on the above photo.

Plus ... there is always a beaver carcass or two around for them to peck at.  The birds and animals need that high fat protein to sustain themselves in this bitter cold weather.  Me too:)  I made a ham last night for supper and it sure seemed to fill the void ... pea soup next.

Remember this little bugger ~

~ that wild feral cat that I had sneaking around my hunting shack this fall.  The one chasing after the partridge.  The one I said I was going to shoot if I ever saw it again ... or if I ever saw it up in the yard messing around the bird feeders. 

Well ... I've had plenty of opportunities to get rid of that cat but have decided against it.  It's taken up residency by our wood shed.  It has been eating on the beaver/muskrat carcasses that Slim has laying outside from his trapping.

He's getting big and fat.  I hope it's just from all the good eating it's getting. I pray it's not a pregnant female.  It's also getting a little bit tamer and doesn't spook as quickly as it did before.  I've been keeping an eye on it.  I have yet to see it bother the birds by the feeders ~ but I have seen it catch a few mice and moles.  Soooooo .... as long as it behaves and leaves my tweeties alone, and doesn't end up being a momma, or bird killer ... that darn cat just might have found itself a new home.  Time will tell.  I have a soft heart ~ the poor bugger ... it's so darn cold out; but it's warm by the wood shed and it certainly isn't suffering.  Plus there's straw in the lean to that it's been curling up on and I see tracks going into the old dog house where there's straw in there too.  It's fur looks so thick and heavy ... kinda reminds me of a small bobcat.  I've been calling it "Bob".  I know ... don't get too attached ... it's still a wild feral cat.

Bob better behave ... I think he will if I keep food available and he doesn't have to resort to eating the birds.

~~ my latest doodle with the magic marker pens  ... decided to add a little color ...

~ Ms Uppity ~

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Thou art an artist, both with the en and the camera. Beautiful bird shots. I guess I won't complain about the 58 down here. Now close the door up there!

    Love you guys and I do love your Ms. Uppity. The eyes are wondermus!!!!
    Take care and stay warm.

    Love from down here in Wildwood!

  2. Love the color. Good luck with "Bob"! I'm sure you are right, if you keep him fed, he'll let the birds alone. If not, keep that gun handy. (Oh-O did I just say that?)

  3. LOL, last night I did a new entry and showed our BOB from last year who is baaack, Mr. Bob, the bobcat stopped in for some nutrients.
    Love the dove pic.,and your Bob...he really is getting fat and sassy. He looks like the Tigger we had.
    Your artsy gal is cool...why aren't you selling these?

  4. your drawing is beautiful. i like bob. :)

    (cheese curds, please. :))

  5. That is one beautiful fat cat! I think I recognize 'Ms Uppity' - could I be right? You did a great job on that one!
    'love & WARM hugs from afar'

  6. We have strays, sort of. They are not stay anymore but the don't come in and I do feed them; however, once in awhile they will get a bird. It's usually because the bird decides to land next to them and eat the cat food. The birds here are not too bright I guess.

  7. That cat sure isn't starving!

    I'm sure glad you've got that extreme cold and not me. Holy cow, that's cold temps!