Duck Dynasty may have Uncle Sy ~

 "Alright look here beavers, you better hide your wives, 
hide your husbands 
and look here both of you 
hide your kid's cause were coming." 
~Uncle Sy Robertson

... but I have Slim! LOL

... and Sam ~

... my guys ... the beaver hunters :) 
... with one days catch of 14 beaver caught through the ice

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. These are so BIG! I didn't realize how large they were.

  2. That's a Bunch 'a Beaver there Girl!
    Stay warm!

  3. This is probably a dumb qusetion, but do you eat beaver? I assume you sell their pelts and if this is one day's catch,...whew!! Nice! Nice looking men there too! :o)

  4. LOL, and Slimmer even kinda looks like Uncle Sy...but then there's Sam, Well Sam just looks like Sam I Am.
    He's a character all by of a kind, never to be duplicated.
    Way to go guys...I see you have some skinnin' ta do. And thanks for the carcass...the Eagle is here everyday to feast.

  5. What a harvest and what a load to lug home! And a lot of work I presume. S & S looking good.

    I guess Slim is throwing his weight around to move that catch!!

    Some animals will eat hearty for awhile I am sure.....

  6. oh i bet those pelts are really winter fur nice!

    and how great that they didnt have to blow anything up!!! ;)

  7. Wow what a catch!! Big fellas, aren't they?

  8. It's spooky how much Uncle Sy and Slim resemble each other! Watch out, your Slim might be asked for autographs when you travel south!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  9. Ole Slim & Sy do look alike don't they.(smile)

  10. I work for a tv production company and am interested in speaking with Slim and Sam. my email is