pc-itis ~

I know I've gone missing for a bit here and this is the reason why.  I have PC-ITIS.  Anything that ends with "itis" is just NO GOOD ~ examples: arthritis, brusitis, appendicitis, bronchitis, cellulitis.  You catch my drift ... things that you just don't want!

It started a few months back with Old Reliable ~ my old pc ... that I've had for a century.  The one I had built to my specs so I could have tons of music and tons of photos on it without ever bogging it down.  The PC that took all the abuse I could give it and it would always bounce back for more.  It surfed the internet, it told us how the business was doing and saw us through that chapter of our lives, mostly keeping track of orders and inventory.  It charted our finances, planned vacations, allowed us to dream.  The PC that endured having it's hard drive partioned 4 times and grew as I grew ... going from Windows 98 to Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3.  The PC that had it's guts ripped out ~ put back in and always bounced back.  Sure... it had some problems which were easily fixed by installing bigger and better options but eventually it just had enough of trying to please me.  My little machine started to smell.

It wasn't a pleasant smell that Old Reliable developed.  It was a burning smell.  A hot rubber, tires skidding on hot pavement and taking off a layer smell.  It's CPU fans were working and clean of dust and debris; but this was something else.  Now I know what that smell was.  It was the evil smell of the Grim Reaper harboring in it's shadows.  It was the smell of death.

Old Reliable also developed a need to talk to me.  On start up it would spit and sputter and take so much longer than before.  It was aging.  I gave it the time it needed.  It clicked and ticked as if it had a time bomb inside it,  just ready to explode! Now even I, no tech guru, knew this wasn't right.  Your computer should not talk back.  It shouldn't grind with arthritic moans and groans, it shouldn't click like the old school clock hanging on the wall in a quiet study hall. 

Old Reliable started having seizures or computer crashes would probably be the right description.  I came to terms with the inevitable.  The old pc was on it's last leg and it was leaning over the dug hole at the graveyard.  Upon further consultation with the PC Repair Man ... he too confirmed my suspicions: the future was looking bleak.  No more surgical procedures to do, no more uplifts or upgrades, no more security issues to solve.  Back up what you can and be prepared for the worse.
We had a power surge a few weeks back.  I was out in the garage; but when I came in the office I knew it wasn't good.  Old Reliable's smell was very offensive.  Quick!!! Online I go, I have some last minute banking that I wanted to get done before the computer crashed.

Old Reliable died right in the middle of a transaction.

Rats, now I need to call the bank and I really don't have the patience for talking with machines and pressing this number for English and that number for this account or that account and don't you dare put me on hold!  And "NO! I'm not driving into town to take care of this.  My PC died!  I'm in mourning!!!"

So here I am.  Missing my old personal computer.  If a person can have an attachment to an inanimate object ... my pc was my teddy bear.  I loved that computer ... or at least I loved having a working computer.

Enough for today ...
the saga continues ~ meet the new pc ... It's name is Eric. (after my brother)

It's not really new Brand NEW but new to me.  I'm borrowing my brothers computer for the time being, deciding whether or not I want to make the investment and buy it from him.    He's decided that he is NOT into technology anymore and is going back in time to simpler days.  

After hooking up this computer I'm borrowing ... I can understand WHY he's come to that conclusion!!!

"What!  Eric ... you're killing me!! Your anti-virus and microsoft securities haven't been updated since 2008!"  I haven't seen or heard of this many errors and warnings since 4th grade and Mrs. Yost was hollaring at Randy, Dave and Leeky for impersonating the Three Stooges when they were suppose to be the Three Wise Men during the Christmas Pageant !! or the time Dad found my bra on the sidewalk!! or the time Randy pee'd from the pine tree yelling to Cheryl who was climbing up behind him, 'look out below!' and Mom caught him in the act, ....  MERCY!!! This is going to take some time to straighten out.

More on it later. 

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I don't know about the computer but the family is interesting, specially Cher on the receiving end. OUCH!

    Love the entry. Love to laugh and you help. Thanks.

    I hope you get ERIC updated and working , Rekon Restore goes back that far? The 453 updates to bring it back upto speed?

    awaiting the reports.

    Love from Wildwood, actually that sounds like where you are, Wild in the woods!

  2. I completely understand! Hi Eric, be a good computer and work hard!

  3. Sounds like Eric might need a swift kick in the hard drive. Get kicking, Mel!

  4. yup, no wonder Eric hit the woods and never looked back...and he doesn't miss the technology a bit. Rather like his BIL's, Slim and Bill, don't you think?
    Good luck with that boy you are relying on...I think you will be shopping soon.

  5. And I think I have problems but along with that my old computer fixed two things itself lately. I swear I didn't do anything and didn't have a computer tech here. It must have some feelings for me. Cute entry!

  6. I'll never forget that 'look out below' moment ... of course my natural response was to look up to where the voice was coming from! Not smart!!! And Randy, Dave and Leeky who in their right mind would pick those three for the 'WISE MEN!' Just saying!!!
    Glad you got 'eric' up and running.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  7. You are a hoot! Good luck with the pc. I'm hooked on my laptop.

  8. Good luck getting everything set the way you want it. It may take days......weeks...!!


  10. Yes, you are a hoot! It will be a sad day when my girl dies ... but I have D's laptop to fall back on!!!!