my 3rd birthday cake from Mom ~

 ~ one of my many scrapbook pages ~

I don't really think Mom had any favorites ~ lie!!  She loved her 3 boys ... and there were six of us girls always fighting for her attention.  I'm number seven on the totem pole of kids.  Oh she loved us all; but those boys were the apples of her eye.  Still are to this day if you ask me.

Today ... she surprised me.  She made me a cake for my 55th birthday.  She even said, " I believe this is the about the 3rd cake I ever baked for you."  Which is true.

Oh I'm not saying I never got a birthday cake ... because we all felt special on our birthdays with a special cake to our liking; but most of my cakes were baked by my older sisters.  Mom even pointed that out today ~ which I couldn't argue with because it was true.  Once my older sisters started hanging out in the kitchen Mom was always delegating chores to them and baking cookies and cakes seemed to fall into their hands. 

So at 83 years old ... Mom finally baked me a cake in honor of my birthday.  Guess what kind it was?  You'll NEVER EVER EVER GUESS??????  Have you ever heard of a Vinegar Cake??  Yep... I said Vinegar.  My Mom baked me a vinegar cake.  Do you think she was trying to tell me something??

Seriously,  I LOVED IT!!!!!

It was a chocolate cake from scratch with a couple tablespoons of vinegar in it, mixed with the baking soda for the levening.  It's really a good tasting cake.  It just sounds nasty:)  She had it frosted with a simple white frosting and some chopped walnuts.

Mom doesn't do much in the kitchen anymore since her mini strokes and is slowing down.  So I truly TRULY enjoyed the gesture and efforts she made to do this.  (I think lil' bro Eric helped)  Anyways, I know I was certainly surprised when she called me this morning asking me to come over because there was something sitting on the cupboard for me.

Now the kicker ... she asked me to cut it in half before I left and leave half of it at her house because the boys were going to be there for supper!  LOL ... I'm not kidding ... Momma favors and babies those boys no matter how old we get!

That's life.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, lots of good stuff on our day, huh? vinegar cake? I honestly think I have heard of it, but don't think I ever had it.

    If that gal can remember three time baking for you she has a terrific memory with all the BD's that gal has seen!

    But only 55 for you! Hope you ain't still mad at your confuser for dying!

    Love from down Wildwood, Florida way!

  2. That's a ROLFLOL one for me Mel. I think your mother and mine were woven from the same cloth. Only 5 kids in my family...3 boys that she doted on..and my sister and I who had to fight for her attention. But bless your mom's heart (I THINK!!) Cutting the cake in half for your brothers. LOL That's just too funny and if you're taking it with a grain of salt, good for you. My mom incidently, lived to be 101 so if that's any indication, you could be getting vinegar cakes for years to come! Well, half cakes! lol

  3. this was sweet - and a bit funny at the same time.

    happy birthday to you, dear!

  4. Happy Birthday Mel! I had to smile about half the cake. Your mom's a doll. Take care. Jean

  5. Happy Day once more, DeeDee. Mom told me she was going to bake you a are lucky you got some cuz she said maybe she wouldn't be baking. I'm so glad she got back in the kitchen. I remember a few cakes too, so we rate up there a little bit. Those brothers sure are some competition tho and always will be.
    Happy Birthday

  6. Glad you got the cake you asked for, Mel, and Happy Birthday wishes to you. I am sure the cake was even more wonderful because of the love that went into it.

  7. Well, its about time. Go Mom!!! Vinegar cake is one of my favorites. Save me a piece. Oh .. and I wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you get to do something fun!!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Mel! (Today is my middle son's birthday, too)

  9. Happy birthday a little late, Mel! Loved hearing the story about your cake!

  10. OMG you got half of an 'Aunt Eunice' cake! That's my favorite of favorite chocolate cakes - the only chocolate cake recipe I make! LUCKY YOU - one time Mom baked me a raspberry pie knowing we were coming down from Alaska, however; our trip took one day too long and I got "I baked you a raspberry pie for your birthday and boy was it good!" I think she meant 'boys!' LOL
    'love & hugs from afar Sis'

  11. happy

    it should've been
    your decision how
    your cake was

  12. How nice of her to make your cake! And sort of funny that you only got half, sorry.

  13. Happy belated birthday! I love that your Mom made you your cake. That vinegar cake reminds me of a cupcake recipe I've made. They were really good. Your cake sounds mighty tasty.
    Hugs to your Mom.
    I hope you celebrated well.
    Birthday hugs to you!