woodland fantasy gals ~

I'm still doodling ... with my magic marker~

I know you saw this one ~ my first attempt at drawing a human (my grandlove Bailey)...  and I had to cover most of her up with flowers and leaves to hide my mistakes.

Well... I had fun doodling those flowers and leaves ... and I figured if I want to learn how to draw people I need to practice ...  eyes, mouths, contours of the face, ahhh... so many features.  I've never taken an art class besides what I learned in grade school.  I'm sure there are easier ways to go about drawing these things; but I'm just learning as I doodle as to what seems to work and what doesn't.

So ~

here's the doodles from this last week ...  My Woodland Fantasy Gals :)

I tried doing more realistic ... but that's just not happening.  Eyes, noses, mouths ... how frustrating!!  Maybe if I tried drawing with a pencil so I can erase; but I'm going at it the hard way .. using ink or my new fave ... a Sharpie Magic Marker Pen.  Although, with a pencil I can see how it would be easier to draw because you could do shading.  How do you shade with a magic marker?  I haven't figured that one out ... yet. So the little bit of shading on the pics is from pencil.

Only one more ... "the bearded lady"

 Okay ... enough of my doodling around.  I have to clean house ~ I'm slipping on my duties as the Domestic Diva.  I took the tree down last week and I still see tinsel in the carpeting and I have a sink full of dishes from last night!  I hardly ever do that ... leave dishes sit over night; but we had a late supper and then the Packers played.  I have my priorities!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Wasn't that a boring game!!! The 49'ers should be a better match!!!

    Just love those doodles!!!

  2. I think the sketches are great. You remind me of my philosophy as a builder, you got to be good at following the lead of your mistakes.

    Never on a custom home, but on a spec house, it was like your pictures, if something did not go the way I wanted, the word improvise came up. haha

    Oh I love your schedule for vacuuming and sex. I hope Sherry takes heed when she reads it.

    Love from down here..

  3. I'll wager you do crossword puzzles in ink, too. That would never happen for me, too many mistakes. Erasers are my friends, we're quite close.

  4. you are a one doodle of a the middle gal after Bailey..captivating eyes. I know about getting the eyes right...but like Ms. A, I love my erasers...getting the pupils just right is quite a challenge. Nicely done, once again, Ms Mel-o-doodle.

  5. Great drawings. I love the one where her chin kind of disappears. It is beautiful. The Packers won!

  6. Great drawings. I love the one where her chin kind of disappears. It is beautiful. The Packers won!

  7. If I could doodle 1/32 as good as you ... I'd be happy, happy, happy! I content myself with stick figures.

  8. You have a true gift and are blessed with many wonderful talents. I admire you. I enjoy you artwork, it's beautiful and enchanting. :)

  9. Hello from Texas...I Love your sketches! And what a lovely blog!
    Enjoy your day!

  10. You are amazing with your doodling, Mel! The first one of your granddaughter is really great...even though you felt you needed to cover most of her only brings out how beautiful her eyes are. I am amazed at how you can do so much detail with a Sharpie pen!