J P D Warrior Project ~

 ~ some of the crew ~
I'm back row ... 2nd in from the left

We're at it again!  Putting on our annual ice fishing jamboree ~ coming up this Saturday at Donner's Bay Resort on the beautiful ~ frozen over ... Turtle Flambeau Flowage.  Hard to believe that it's our 8th year already. 

 ~ some winter aerial views ~

 ~ Sam's ice shack ~
'The Turtle Flambeau Flowage is a result of the 1926 construction of a dam to create a reservoir. The Turtle Flambeau Dam harnesses the power of the Turtle and Flambeau Rivers to generate energy for the Flambeau Paper Corporation, located 20 miles south on the Flambeau River in Park Falls. The dam created 19,000 acres of water with 212 miles of pristine winding shoreline. The Turtle Flambeau Flowage encompasses 16 natural lakes, three rivers and several creeks...' from
Download Turtle Flambeau Flowage Map PDF file

I'm busy prepping for the day:
Today I did some grocery shopping to make up 2 Nesco roasters each of Calico Beans, Chili and BBQ's.  The fresh hometown made bratwurst are made and ready thanks to Fifield Grocery and Whiskey Ridge has the homemade hotdogs and hamburger patties made up  and ready for Chef Slim to throw on the grill.  I also have a few pies to put together for the pie auction ... yes, we're  busy but it's all for a great cause.

Tomorrow the big heated tents will go up and Saturday morning the fish registration and raffle tables will be open for business. 

Once again, we have some fantastic prizes ~ here's what you can win off the Green Ticket this year...

 Plus there are prizes for each fish category - and prizes off the raffle tables ... TONS of chances to WIN!  More info on the fisheree can be found on the JPDWarrior website.  Take a peek! 

If you're in the area ~ please stop by and say hi.  I'll be the crazy lady running around barking orders like I know what I'm talking about! HA!!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Hope you have a fantastic turnout and raise lots of money!

  2. Looks like a LOT of fun!! Wished I was 20 years younger and close enough to participate!!! It got up to 72 degrees down here in sunny Texas today! And that up from in the 20's a few days ago. ("If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait a day and it'll change.") It does............HAVE TONS OF FUN!!!

  3. A great cause, indeed! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  4. Each year when you post about the JPD Warrior Project, I wish I lived closer so I could be a part of it in honor of the loved one my family lost many decades ago. I wish there had been a project or group for an intervention that could have saved him. Back then there wasn't any groups persay to reach out too. Unfortunately the health profession wasn't advanced enough when dealing with a needful soul as they are now.
    I so much admire you and your family and all the folks who make this project a success.
    I look forward to seeing the photos full of life and smiles of the days catch and activities.
    (I'm always fascinated by the fish because I can't fathom catching fish by ice fishing.)
    Wishing you all the best for a successful day.

  5. I hope the weather warms a bit, that you get a record setting turn out. Good luck with it all!!!

  6. Much Success to you guys for a great cause. Love the pictures and your narrative. Lots of work, but it is easy to tell you guys are rewarded by the results. You go Girl.
    Thanks for the description of the Flowage.
    (((HUGS))) Stay warm and hug the Slim guy for us! Hello to Sam!

  7. -20, that's below zero here this morning and thinking of you guys on the ice this weekend...good cause, good entry, good luck winning something. What kind of pies are you conjuring up this year? I cannot wait to hear how much Slim put out for one of his wife's pies this can always get great donations to the cause through a man's stomach...have a great time.

  8. I completely missed the whole point of this jamboree. What a worthy cause! Just a thought:

    "Depression is not a weakness. It's because you've been too strong for too long!"

  9. It looks like the warm weather is coming just in time for this weekend. You should have 15 to 20 ABOVE ZERO with 5 mph winds. Perfect for ice fishing. Wishing you a great turn out.
    'love & hugs from afar'