suicide is not painless~

Exhausted... physically and mentally. That's what I was last night ... and even today yet ... after the end of the fisheree yesterday ... but it was all worth it!

What a day! We had such a good turn out, considering our bitter cold weather.  We raised a good deal of money to go towards our goal of  the suicide awareness program for our schools.   Thank you thank you thank you!!!! to everyone who showed up and gave their support.  Without the support of others that we receive each year; this event wouldn't be possible.  So once again, THANK YOU!!

Plus... I really have to toss in an extra thank you to all the people who bid on my pies.  WOW!! On just my nine pies and 5 other ones that were donated we made over $1000.00!! WOW!!! That was an average of over $70 a piece.  So once again, THANK YOU!!!

Plus all the other raffle tickets and auctions that were bid on or purchased ~ thank you!
The support given us by the surrounding communities ~ thank you!
I didn't have my camera with me yesterday... can you believe it. I forgot it at home; but I will have some pictures of the event to post in a few days.  Our photographers Leslie and Terry H. I'm sure will have a disc to share soon... even aerial photos ... that was Les and Jane in that plane that was buzzing the flowage.   As soon as I get them I'll be adding some photos to the website.

I hope they got some photos of my grandloves and my nieces ... sliding on the ice and playing in the snow.  Those little kids were having so much fun!  It was like watching my nephew years ago doing the same thing with his friends.

That's why this fisheree is so important to me.

My nephew (click to see photo) committed suicide.

One day he was just a little boy, like so many other little boys ... playing games with his friends.  Going out fishing with his buddies.  He grew to be a wonderful, loving, fun, handsome young man ... who we all thought had everything going for him.

But we were wrong.

Inside our Justin's mind was a pain.   A pain that he couldn't talk about.  A pain that he thought he had to carry by himself. 

Do you remember the theme song from the movie MASH?  Suicide is Painless ... well let me tell you something... it's not painless.  That song is wrong.  It's a horrible pain!!  A pain you do not have to endure alone ... there is help!

All you have to do is ask.  It's okay.

Your life; no matter how miserable you might feel it is ... is worth it!

You do not have to be ashamed of the feelings you might have.  Thoughts of suicide is a sickness.  It's a form of depression ... and depression can be helped.

PLEASE ... if you need help  ~ talk to someone about it.  Don't keep those kind of feelings to yourself.  

National Suicide Crisis Hotline at 1-800-784-2433 
or LifeLine at 1-800-273-8255
or tell a friend
or clergy or pastor
or a teacher
or co-worker
PLEASE ... talk to someone.
It's been six years since my nephew died and it still feels like yesterday.  I don't ever want you to feel the pain that our family has endured.  If you have a loved one that you are concerned about ... talk to them.  Let them know that this is a burden that they do not have to carry alone.  Help them get the help that they need. 

Help Promote Positive Life Choices! 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Wow on the pie auction. I couldn't believe some of the prices they went for but all for a good cause. You're doing a good thing. Glad we came to see what it was all about.
    I would gladly have left you my camera, Mel., had I known. I have a nice pic of you. It was too cold to take lots of them.
    Bless Your Heart

  2. A HUGE HEARTY KUDOS to you my dear friend! * warm squishy moshy cyber bear hugs * Awesome awesome awesome!

    I recently was watching TV & I saw Rascal Flats song "Why" which is in reference to suicide & it got me stopping for a bit. Actually a few musical groups have songs in reference to suicide, & no matter the group or style it does get me to stop for a bit of time & reflect. I had a few friends in my youth take their own lives, that was back in a time when it was "ssshhhhhh" you could think but did not discuss these things. So when my son's friends committed suicide ( it is UNREAL the amount of his friends that have ) it hit close to home & I had to really check myself to make sure I DID talk with him & not be "shhhhhh"

    When I was doing extra research on bullying it blew me away to read about bullicide & to discover children as young as 10 had taken their lives!!!!!!!!!!

    I tend to ramble, I apologize but I wanted you to know that you have taken on such a worthy cause . . I am sorry that we have to have this ( meaning I wish people did not get to that point to take their lives ) but seeing we do I think it is grand you are involved!!!

    I am so sorry about your Nephew, I am so very very sorry . . .

    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~

  3. Congratulations on those pies. Wow!

    It's so wonderful the day went well and the money is going to such a worthy cause.
    In 1977 we lost a loved-one to suicide and it's a wound that never heals.
    I agree with your thoughts and views. I'm so sad to think of your nephew dying so young.
    Hugs to you and your family, I know how hard this is for you all.

    Great post, Melody!

    Wishing you a warm and pleasant week!


    Would you be a sport and tell Darla "Howdy" for me. I would do it myself but there's some sort of a technical problem and her blog wouldn't let me post a comment?

  4. Such a worthy cause Mel. Your beautiful pies did bring in a lot of money. So many really young people are taking their lives these days. They are too young to know how to cope. It is so easy to just think that they should have told someone, but some things young people will not talk about. Such a shame.

  5. Mel - Just wanted to say how proud you and yours should be of helping the foundation reach such grand
    goals. I think its great the way you bring in speakers
    to the schools and send buses to surrounding
    schools to make sure those student can be there too.
    Way to go... I'm soooo proud of all of you.

  6. Just surfing by to give you a cyber (((hug))) and say Howdy!

    Thank you so much for your sweet compliments. You are so good for my ego. You're a peach my friend and a true blessing to me. (((hugs)))

    Wishing you a warm and pleasant rest of the week.

  7. What a wonderful cause and I am so glad it was so successful. Seventy dollars per pie is awesome.
    I am so very sorry about your nephew. It is so sad anytime but when it is a young person, all the more bitter.
    My cousin just committed sucide and she was in her sixties. You always wonder if there were just something you could have done to stop it.
    Thanks for your positive efforts.

  8. Where are you Mel?? You had better not be in the hospital or I am going to throw a hizzy fit!!!!