and so it goes~

I'm happy to report that I can at least walk today without going, "owww owww owww" every step I take ... so I guess that's an improvement.  Now I'm just saying, "ummmm ummmm"... and I'm not breaking out in a sweat while doing it.

Dear Hubby and I took a drive last week down to the town of Withee, a little over an hours drive from our place to pick up some new handles from the Mennonites for his one horse plow ...  that he's redoing and plans on using for planting potatoes this year. They were only $10.50 a piece ~ handmade  ... online the cheapest I could find them was $24 a piece and that was without the shipping.  I guess it pays to do your homework.  That's one thing I have to say about our Mennonite and Amish neighbors to the south ... they certainly are resourceful and do know how to build things. 

Who he thinks is going to be his horse is another question???  I don't even ask ... and don't even want to know.  I'm guessing the ATV or his brothers little skidster.  I do think it's kinda neat though that he's fixing this old thing up and is going to give it a try.

While we were down in Withee and Athens we also ordered and picked up some seed potatoes for the field ... half the price of what they were in the local feed store.    We sat and cut them all up (approximately two eyes per piece) and are letting them scar over now before planting.
They aren't very pretty at this stage ~ but they sure are going to be tasty come later this summer when each one of those little potato pieces yields a kettle full.   That's a lot of potatoes!  ... but they are being split up five different directions.  We have enough here for five 200 foot rows.

We're planting 3 kinds of potatoes this year.  Kennebecs, Yukon Golds and Patriot Reds. 

We had an accident the other day out in the garage ... and fortunately our son Sam had his guardian angel looking over him because it could have been bad!  
The grinding disc literally blew apart while he was helping his Dad with the plow.  It flicked off the brim of his hat and ended up embedded in the garage ceiling.
When I went out there today to see ... the thought of what could have been made me ill.
We know of a guy who was killed by the very same thing.  Thankfully, Sam's guardian angel was on the ball looking out for him!  That is one special angel for sure... and I imagine a busy one...  that kid has more
close calls than anyone I know.  I also noticed Sam must have taken a stick or something and put his name by it.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I'm glad you're better and that Sam's guardian angel was hanging out with him! Boy was he lucky!

    I know what you mean about walking without sound effects. When I have a flare, it is usually minor in that way, but certainly makes walking not a lot of fun. My problem is more with tactile distress .... clothes hurt, no matter how soft and how loose. Regardless of the symptom(s), it sucks. I hope you continue to be better. :)

  2. Cool plow, have fun and that's alot of spuds you'll be producing!
    Mercy, thank God and his angel for saving, that sure Coulda Been Bad!
    So glad you're knees are better, cause you sure had me worried the other day when you could hardly move up my steps, let alone drive. That left one sure was hot to touch!

  3. Glad to hear that you are doing some better today, Mel.

    Those potatoes are quite a sight! Yukon Golds are my favorite!

    Glad that your son wasn't hurt the other day.

    Take care!

  4. I be learning to be a farmer, but it is too late, unless I go into it after we settledown. I will file this back (At least two eyes per cut then let them get ugly! got it).
    Now the grinding disk, that is another story. I have never seen it, but heard a bout it. I am always worrying about one coming off, not breaking apart. Wow, that is scary.

    Oh yes, we are glad you are down from OHHHHHHHHHHH! to Ummmmmmmmm!
    Hope it is allwell soon.
    From NC

  5. Mercy - sure am happy that Sam's okay, that
    could of been bad.
    Also glad that you're getting better... heal woman.
    Can't wait to try a Kennebec potato, don't remember
    ever hearing of that kind of spud.