It's still too cold out to start planting flowers; but not too cool to start on my fences.

I have a problem with the kids playing ball and the dogs and the bear running through my flower bed in the back yard where I have some tiger lilies and day lilies and poppies planted ~ so I went in the woods and found some old tree branches and did some cutting and screwing and here's what I came up with:

 I wanted something rustic and woodsy.  I know it won't be much of deterrence for the bear; but just maybe it'll last through the summer.  I'm just so tired of my poor flowers getting trampled all the time.

Since I was in the fencing mood ~ I fixed up the one by the garage too ~ to keep my peonies from tipping over the edge when they're up and blooming.

still in the mood to do something with sticks ~ I tied together a little trellis:

 Dear Hubby surprised me last week when we went on our little road trip for cheese with these little mushrooms for the flower garden.  They stand about a foot tall.

I just love these kind of gifts!

Word on the home front about Sam's bear hanging on my wall.... it's moving!! and so is Sam and Ashley and their dog Amber too!!  They finally got their own place after being tenants in my home for the last year.  Now don't get me wrong... I love my children; but I still feel that if you want to live with your girl friend it shouldn't be in your parent's home.  Enough said on that subject.

I also heard some disturbing news ... our neighbors dog was killed by wolves... about a 100 yards from the house.  I think the wolf is a beautiful looking animal; but that's all I like about them.  They are nothing but killing machines.  It's pretty scary how many are around here.  This is the third person I know of that has lost a dog to them.  I also know some people who have lost cattle and pigs to them ... let alone the poor deer herds in our area that are being slaughtered off by them.  Our states Department of Natural Resources REALLY needs to do something about the wolf population in our area before it's a little child snagged off by one of them.  Scary thought ... but it's just a matter of time if something isn't done.

A couple years ago I was sitting out on my back deck... 2:00 in the afternoon ... the neighbor kids and my granddaughter were playing under the deck where we have a place where they can play in the sand.  All four of them were under the age of five.  All of sudden I glanced up because something caught my eye ... here it was 2 wolves right on the edge of my lawn watching the kids play.  Holy crap!!!  That is way too close for comfort.  What if the kids would have been out in the lawn ~ closer to the edge of the woods?

I know we live in the deep woods of the north and this is their territory; but still ... when any animal population is out of control ... something needs to be done.   It used to be a rare occasion to see a wolf; but not anymore... at least not in my back yard.

My heart goes out to our neighbors losing their dog in such a way... but I'm just thankful that it wasn't one of the little kids.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Your fences look cute. Those wolves sound dangerous. I am glad they are not rampant around here but the coyotes are. They killed several of my cousins little feist dogs and calves also. He got rid of a lot of them standing on his upstairs deck with his gun. Good riddance I say to animals that kill pets and livestock. Could be a child next. Helen

  2. Look at you go, girl. Your fences turned out absolutely fabulous. I love, Love, LOVE them. While raking out a flower bed by the corral, I broke my heart trellis., so it gets redone next. It has been a very busy spring so far.

    Hip-hip-horrayyyy!!! I love my kids too but it's also nice to have my house back and a bit of retirement with just Bill and I. And they love it too.

    So sorry another family pet got killed because of the damned wolves. They are too close for comfort in our back yard too. And you are absolutely right, something HAS GOT TO BE DONE, before it's someones CHILD.


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  4. Love the fencing, love the trellis,
    love the mushrooms,
    love the idea of getting rid of a majority
    of the wolves so the deer and rabbits
    come back and
    love you too;]
    Can't you just feel the love?

  5. You think up the cutest things.

  6. It appears that somebody flipped your creative switch on! Love it all!
    Hate to hear when anyone loses a pet.

  7. Loved your fences and the trellis is so cute! Couldn't agree with you more about the wolves. One of the reasons that we quit bear hunting with our hounds, we wouldn't have been able to stand it if we had lost one of them to the wolves.

  8. Down here in the Smokies and Blue Ridge Mts, the Cayote was re introduced. causing some of the same problems.
    Amazing seeing the Wolves that close to your home. I guess you guys are in the North Woods, with trying to bear proof your flowers, etc.
    Good and informative. I love to heard of your life way up there.

    Of course I think I could appreciate the Maple syrup much more than the Wolves. That is a large animal.
    LOve from NC.
    Sherry & Jack

  9. Hi Mel, Scary about the wolves... Too bad about your neighbors losing their dog....

    About Adult kids coming back home-----WELL---I'm against it... Thank Goodness none of my sons nor Geroge's kids live nearby. AND--none of them have ever lived with us. Thanks be to God!!!! ha

    Love your new fences... I think you are smart to stay 'rustic' --because they look so good and just match perfectly into your beautiful yard/garden.

    Have a great Tuesday.

  10. Boy, I think I'll hire you to build me some fences and trellises. You have some really great designs that compliment mother nature so well. I hope your flowers and things make it safely through the season. I expect your landscaping is so pretty that it's just irresistible to stay away from even for critters. lol

    I'm happy for Sam & Ashley, I know it must be exciting for them to be moving out on their own... I have a sneaky suspicion that Mom's going to enjoy it most welcomingly. lol Congratulations to you all.

    Wolves are scary critters. I honestly believe that they do need to be controlled. If they'll come close enough to watch, I feel there's more than ample danger there and then when they start killing dogs, then that should top the cake and get the 'powers that be' off their butts to do something to protect you all. Be careful, my friend.
    Positive thoughts goes out to your neighbors.

    Now, I need to go read some more of your blog and try and catch up. lol

    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week!

  11. Hey Melody,
    I have a question for you:
    Do you know anything that a person could put on a tree to keep beavers from cutting them down?
    Peggy is having a problem with them next to their creek.
    Even thought there's lots of suggestions on the net, she wanted to know your thoughts because you actually live and hunt in the woodlands.
    We both figure you'll know something that'll work.

    Thanks ahead, for any help you can give us.

  12. Hi Mel..thanks for stopping by my blog..and with a bit of luck I will post again today...with our weather being so was 80 yesterday and the day before..I just stay outside..come in for a break LOL..and read a bit here and there...and oh my backyard...thank goodness NOT!!! and your fences and trellis are so are so smart LOL...come back and see me again sometime!!!! God Bless...hugs from Ora in KY

  13. Have you tried deer off? Some fences can be a pain to construct, so you can use this repellent instead. I got a good deal on it at They give you 10% off if you sign up for the newsletter.