monkey wrench~


Who threw the monkey wrench at me when I wasn't ready for it and tripped me up and put me into so much pain and misery?
I'm not laughing.

I am NOT a happy camper right now.  I have been laid up for a few days now because of a major flare up with my fibromyalgia with a second whammy on top of that ~ a kick of cellulitus in my knee.  My knee is the size of a football.  It doesn't help matters either that I have a heart that's pumping at half it's capacity and isn't keeping the flow going as it should either.  Triple whammy!

I saw the doctor yesterday and had two huge draws of fluid taken off of my knee; which helped some... but not much.  He also put me on some antibiotics.  The pain has radiated into my hip and lower back now.

Also, looking over my blood work yesterday they found out that my total Vitamin D levels were less than 3 ~ normal being between 30 and 80 ... why? who knows ... so I'm on a super mega dose of that too.  What is it with me and minerals and vitamins?  My potassium levels bottom out on me... my magnesium levels get all hay wired... why??? My body doesn't use calcium like it's suppose to... why???

Okay... quit.
I know I'll be fine and it just takes some time for this to go away.  I've had these major flare ups before; and I do get over them ... but some days my patience is harder to keep a grip on than others. 

I need to go read my book now, "Angels" by Billy Graham ~ maybe I can find some comforting words in there to get me through this episode. Or else I'm going to dig through the grandkids books and find a Dr. Suess ... or an old Outdoor Life magazine with a Patrick McManus story ... now that guy could write!  Lord help us all!!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. So sorry you're under the weather Mel. Our bodies can sure wreck havoc with us sometime. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh, gosh, I'm sorry to hear all that. I know about FMS and cellulitis, but not at the same time! and then all that other stuff, to boot. Gosh! Poor girl! I hope you are back in the right balance soon. I'm sending hugs. Take it easy.

  3. McManis is the best therapy around...besides being touched by an angel.
    Hope you're feeling all better soon.

  4. Awww, Mel....I'm so sorry to hear about this triple whammy you are having to get through right now.

    I've had a flare up with my fibro this week, also. But it was pretty much self-inflicted as I stayed outside working in my flowers too long on a not so warm day. That is what my post was about on Thursday.

    Surely sorry to hear about the knee problem, too. And your heart not working as it should...

    I do want to mention something I'm not sure you are aware of concerning your blood work...the things that you are all low in aren't uncommon in fibro folks. Glad your doctor is taking good care of you there, as well. The only reason I know about that is because my hubby is in research and it comes as second nature to us to dig deep to obtain as much knowledge as we can about things. SO...just take your medicine like a good girl and know the Lord is looking out after you.

    Love ya, friend,

  5. Mel, holding you close in my heart and prayers! Love vibes ~ ewww... you gotta feel the love!!

  6. I know you ain't laughing! I hope Billy has something great to say that will fit rught in. He is one of my favorite people.

    You have our sympathies and prayers. We so hope for quick resolutions in the health issues.
    Love from NC

  7. Gosh Mel, I'm so sorry to hear about your pains. I have been limping for a week or so, my joints often get the best of me. My right ankle and great toe are aching like crazy. Why???? Who knows. The doc ran an "rheumatoid" test and it came back as "inactive", but tell my joints that. Wishing that we both get better soon.