lil sis~

 Colleen & Sara 
In the Photo Booth 

I was just down to visit my sister in Texas this last February ~ and it seems like ages ago.

I MISS my Lil Sis!!

She's so much fun to be with ... and I need some fun!

I LOVE all my sisters ... and spending time with all of them. 
I think we need a sister sister day soon... and you're all invited!!

Warning though:
Sam likes to wrestle with his Aunts and try to make them pee their pants. lol

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Funny thing about families. Brothers just accept the fact that they are there. Sisters not only accept it, but want to enjoy life, with the sisters. Sherry was like that about her sisters. She misses them so much. They were great gals, and the perfect traveling buddies.
    Enjoy them, I know you do!
    Love from NC

  2. This sister misses you and all our other sisters. I think the sister get together would be great fun. Warning, our cheeks will hurt from laughing and our eyes could burn from crying, but it's a small price to pay for spending time together. Just us girls.

  3. I'm afraid I would loose total control...I'm getting old ya know, but will be there with bells on. If Sam makes me pee I will have to remind him that paybacks are a b....!
    Ready, Set, Let's Go!!! Is that Cher in the 2nd block? I've never seen that picture, too funny! Looking forward to the hurt and burn.

  4. OMG - what a way to start my day!

    Don't know how Sara and I even fit into
    that photo booth at the mall - too dang
    funny! We had a great time.

    And Sam - I was telling him how, when he was
    a little fella, I would play airplane with him....
    I'd lie on by back, with my legs extended straight
    up and he'd balance on my feet and fly...
    only this time, when he was a big fella,
    he turned it into a wrestling match -
    and Mel, do you remember being referee???
    Too dang funny!! Thanks for the memories and
    laughter. Miss you too - a bunch!

  5. Your family sounds like so much fun, Mel! Hope that you can all get together soon...

  6. Hi Mel, thanks for stopping y my blog, and thanks for your so kind comments! I do enjoy painting and i am working on one right now that I will be posting soon. I love your little flowers and bird houses. Sounds like your household is full of fun and laughter!!

  7. Wonderful fun family post. It sounds like your and your sisters are really close. I think that's just the best!

    Wishing you all a Spring & Summer filled with fun & laughter!