doodling with the blog

Please bear with me as I'm putzing around again.


  1. okay, we will bear with you. But we southern folk don't know Putzing. Our dictionary don't know putzing.
    Our German translator don't know putzing.
    Our Hebrew translator got lost. So we figure youare 'messing around!'

    We are a patient folk, be here when you get through putzing!
    Sherry and jack, sending Love from Tennessee.

  2. In Tennessee where we are putzing around (I think)
    jack! LOL

  3. love the new background...keep it up...looks to me like you're up to no good again. LOL Looking forward to the roadtrip tomorrow with you and Slim. Ha!, funny Jack, loveit.

  4. I'll wait. ~pacing-pacing~ lol

    Wishing you a successful week!

  5. You putzzed when you should have and doodled when you should have it looks good.

  6. As your Dear Hubby would say,
    "What a putz!"

  7. Ha!!!..when I first looked at your comment counter, I thought it said you had 6000 comments!!!! Are you going for a new look???

  8. Your blog looks real good so far. Your background is fabulous!
    The only thing missing is posts...
    Oops, sorry about that, I'll try to be good and wait for as long as you need... I miss you Mel!

    Wishing you a warm and lovely day!

  9. Always the one-upper! ROFL
    Your blog looks good already but "putz" away if you must!
    We woke up to SNOW again! I have oodles of things to plant this year but now I have to practice "patience" again ~ ARGH!! how am i doing?? lol