a spring in my step~

Today I have a little spring in my step... or a limp.  Whatever it is ~ I did a little walk about the yard this morning.  It sure felt good to be outside for a bit and actually doing something for a change.  I had to get some Milorganite on my hollyhocks before the deer found them.  I am such a poor couch potato when the weather is nice.  I love reading and putzing with a crochet hook once in awhile; but not in the springtime when my flower beds are calling.  I want to be outside working up a sweat breaking new ground and putting in new plants and tending to old plants. 

BUT... all those things I believe will be taking a little more time.
Just my little walk this morning completely did me in.  bummer
This has not been a good time for me  with my heart and fibro.
  I am sooooooo wiped out. 

I did take my camera with me though when I ventured out ~ just in case something was out there just begging to be photographed.

Sure enough... look... I have blooms!!
My miniature iris are poking up and budding out:

I also noticed some fresh sticks in one of the bird houses:

I saw some evidence of the turkeys visiting my yard again.  I hope they dislike the Milorganite as much as the deer and leave my asparagus, hostas and lilies alone... or Thanksgiving just may come a little early this year.

My poor mushrooms are starting to get as weathered as me. lol

I did notice though that I have a new pine tree that is bursting on to the scene.  Well... actually I knew it was there; but wow... is that little bugger ever growing!  It's right to the left of another one of my old weathered mushrooms and at the base of an old birch stump that already has a nice birch tree growing by it.  So now I'm wondering where I'm going to go with this little pine.  Do I move it or just let it grow?  I'm thinking maybe I'll just let it grow where it is.  It will long out live the birch tree.  Or maybe... the birch tree will be dominate over it and become the stronger of the two.  Time will tell.   

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Good morning, Mel. I'm glad to hear you're moving better. It is always such a pleasure then the movement returns, isn't it?

    I enjoyed listening to Elvis sing "Love Me Tender" while I was reading
    your post. One of the great love songs, for sure.

    Have a good day and continue to heal, Mel.

  2. Mel, Thanks for posting ~ you reminded me that I CAN plant the lilies OUTSIDE the garden gate. But just to be sure, I'll plant some INSIDE too. Loved strolling with you, one of these days it will be in person - toward the end of May.

  3. It's always a pleasure to stroll around your yard with you. I love all the photos and seeing Spring is arriving in your part of the country too.

    I'm sending out lots of healing hugs, thoughts and prayers your way that you'll feel much better soon. (((hugs)))

    Wishing you a healing, pleasant week of sunshine!
    I saw in Cher's blog there's another Dee on the blogging circuit so I'm signing 'Dee-cs' now. cs for countrysass. I hope it'll help to keep down any confusion for the readers about who is who. ;)

  4. Spring time just brings out the best in us and makes us feel better. Thanks for sharing the pictures you made on your stroll. Helen

  5. Thanks for the prett pictures of your yard Mel! Hopefully you will get all better real soon.

  6. Pretty little walk with you. The easy way. I'm so glad I can still ride around and drive but I know what you mean about too much walking.

  7. Great entry except for the hurting limp and walk.
    Love the pictures, glad you took the camera. Love to see the blooms and know that Spring is here. I hope the animal deterrant works and your flowers are left alone to grow and shine.
    Love from NC

  8. Awwww, Your little fenced in birdhouse and mini mushroom looks like a 'wee' village. Love the mini iris too, are they ever a deep purple. Keep me in mind when that clump needs dividing. Had to laugh at your turkey feather, I took a pic of one too today.
    So happy you sounded so much better this morning when we talked. Happy Day, Happy Day.

  9. I have greatly missed reading your entries & your crazy cool pix! Love love lovin' it! Glad to see you are feeling a bit better, here is to much better . . . will be back & about to catch up! Take care & have a grand one!

    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~

  10. Thanks for sharing the pics with us, Mel. I enjoyed my walk with you!

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I've been coming across several ladies who are fellow bloggers of late that also have fibro. Spring is always a hard adjustment for me when it comes to that.

    Glad you were able to get out and walk a bit. A little at a time...

  11. Thanks for the tour.
    I'm so glad your feeling good enough to
    venture outside again. Hope the
    turkey don't destroy too many of the
    flower beds, (maybe the wolves will get
    to them first!)
    Hey Mel, I think the flowers we dug up when
    you were here were gladiolus - my neighbor,
    Wayne, gave me some flowers last year and that
    corner where we dug them up, was were we planted them.