Yesterday was a big day for my Grandlove Amanda ~ it was her 17th birthday and Prom Night.  She and her boyfriend, Logan, stopped over  before their big date.

Of course, pictures were taken :)

poor Logan ... he looks like a deer in the headlights ... lol

But I got another ... better shot ~

I had to put the first picture up because it showed off Amanda's beautiful blue dress better than the second shot.

Her wrist corsage too was beautiful ~
It had little crystals in the center of the flowers ~ it was prettier than the photo shows.  Amanda and Logan sure made a cute couple!  I think she takes after me :) LOL

There also was a little drama about the whole going to prom business.  It wasn't taken very well by little sister Bailey.  She wanted to go too.  She thought the whole thing was very unfair... and was voicing her opinion about it.  Oh the drama!
 Amanda really felt bad that Bailey was so sad and upset about it ~ and at the same time was getting a bit frustrated with her little sister ...

"Come on Bailey Bug ... "

"Give us just one happy face and a smile."

"Be happy for your sister."

"Okay Grandma ... I'll smile."

"But I'm still not happy."
Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Amanda is beautiful as always, and Bailey is adorable in her own way! Too cute. This is some scrapbook page material for sure ~ get busy Grandma :)
    'love & hugs from afar'

  2. bailey will grow up too fast as it is... wait your turn, little one!

  3. She is a beautiful young lady. Hope she had a good time, even if her little sister wasn't happy for her!

  4. Oh, the drama! You captured it well.
    ...and what a beautiful young lady...lovely!

  5. Your granddaughter is a lovely young lady! The blue prom dress looks beautiful on her. Great pictures of Bailey's facial expressions!

  6. What a beautiful young lady, and love her prom dress. Bailey will be all grown up and will being going to her prom before long. So cute.

  7. Cute, the drama! I remember sister was 10 years younger than me! I had to take her on dates sometimes. lol

    Your Grandaughter is beautiful and I love the dress. Pretty color.

  8. LOL, I couldn't help but laugh at the ' Get over it, picture...' Amanda has grown up way too fast. She sure is gorgeous. So nice she and Logan took a moment to stop by Grandma for pictures.

  9. Amanda looks beautiful. Her dress is gorgeous.

  10. You have a beautiful granddaughter. I thought the way you laid those pictures out was so cute. I guess you know that girls as pretty as Amanda will be snatched up one of these days. Great pictures.

  11. What a bunch of cutie pies :)
    I hope they had a fun time and made lots of memories to last.
    Hope your week is a great one !

  12. Oh poor kid. She sure looks unhappy!

    Pretty dress!

  13. Reminds me, on my very first real date, my date brought along his 8 year old brother! I knew it wasn't his idea and wondered about his parents! On the 2nd date, he came alone, lol...Amanda is beautiful and I love that blue dress.

  14. Your Amanda is a beautiful young lady. I would say blue is her color. Her date is a looker too. I had so much fun helping my daughter two years ago getting ready for her first ever prom. I even went to the prom location to take a peek inside before they closed the doors. Proms are so exciting. I never got to go to a prom. Not that I did not get asked but my mother would not allow me. Your photos will make wonderful memories. Blessings!

  15. LOL! Its so not funny when its you that its happening to - but ah, as you get older you see the humor in little ones outbursts - "I wanna go to Proooommmmm!"

    Amanda is absolutely stunning in that dress - love her gorgeous hair too!