My sister Dar had made a post about the bears coming out of hibernation and it reminded me of my scrapbook pages I did last year of  "my" bears.  Well... they're not technically MY bears; but they were the ones frequenting my back yard and deck last summer. 

I know some of you have seen these pictures before, but just for grins and something to post today I thought I'd share my bears with you one more time:

I haven't seen any bear around yet this spring ... but I know they're out there.  The dogs were making a terrible ruckus the other night ... doing the bear bark (they have a distinct bark when a bear is in the yard) ... so it's just a matter of time and I'm sure I'll be getting new bear photos to share.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Sometime I can get so upset at Girls. I click to UP North with Mel. just a few minutes after it is posted. I am amazed at the bear pictures. Look over at Sherry with this BIG NEWS, and get, "Yeah that is neat, I saw it already!"
    How could she see that before me? I was first!!!! LOL
    This does amaze me, I should get out more.
    Good post. Can uyou keep it off Sherry's computer until I see your entry FIRST! LOL
    Love from the Woods (with no bears) in South Carolina,
    Sherry & Jack.

  2. "Beary" cool scrapping!
    I know, I know - it's lame but hey, it's not even noon here yet!

  3. A "Bear Bark" huh??????? Great watchdogs for sure!!!!

    The Smokies are full of black bears --but luckily, we don't have them here.. OR--at least I have never heard of them being seen... We do have many other nuisance-type critters --but as of now, no bears. (Thank Goodness!!!)

    Have a great weekend, Mel.

  4. I remember all the little ones you had up your trees...cute...but then they grow up to be these 'troublesome teenagers'...hmmm just like the real mcoys...hope they aren't as destructive this year...
    A great weekend to you

  5. That sure is a lot of bears. I am glad that we don't have them around here. The scare me. Helen

  6. Your bears are amazing Melody and I know they would scare me if I saw one on my porch like you did, just outside your door, eek!! They really are cool though and not many places in the USA where you can get such great pictures from your own home. Remember momma bear in a tree with all those babies?? Amazing!

  7. WOW...loved the pics of your bears, Mel! We have some black bears in our area. We had one lumbering his way up the middle of our road a couple of years ago. I was so awestruck by its beauty that I didn't even think about getting the camera.

    Take care,