pit stop at the wax museum~

Before I get into my pit stop post at the wax museum, I first want to show you a tin that I have.

I found this tin at a garage sale last year.  It was full of nuts and bolts and was so dirty you couldn't even see what the pattern was on it; but I bought it ... with the hopes that it was as pretty as I was envisioning it ~ once I got it cleaned up.  The center painting on it is a little scuffed; but I still love it.

What made me post about it today is a post made by Dianna over at Bits and Pieces and a photo that she had of one of her tins.  Here is her tin from her grandma:
Surprisingly though, her tin is from Holland and mine is from England.  Here's the bottom stamp on my tin.

Thank you Dianna for your post and making me take a closer look at my treasure.
On to another one of our pit stops.
We stopped over in Branson, Missouri on our way home from Texas.  One of the places we visited was the Hollywood Wax Museum.  Just thought I'd share some more snapshots.

Here's King Kong hanging on the outside of the building:

 and some of the other character ~

There was a lot more to see ... but these are a few that I managed to 'sneak' some photos of.  (I even had a lady take one of Slim and I with the Bonanza crew... lol) Apparently, you're not suppose to use photo flash in there; but I figured I'd just take some shots until someone told me I wasn't suppose to do that. What? Like my cheap little camera's flash was gonna melt the wax?? I'm bad. I know.  I don't know what the rule was about me laying on the bed with Hugh or standing on the stage with the Star Trek boys.  What can I say...  They would take your picture when you walked in with King Kong for $20; but I wasn't about to pay that.  It already cost me $33.00 to get in the door.  Branson is fun; but you pay for everything!! It really is a tourist trap.

I hope you enjoyed my photo tour.
Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Fun! I notice that Donald Trump looks like his grumpy self. And I love the young Ray Charles! I'll be nice and not report you, OK? The price of my silence is ..... well, I'll get back to you on that!

  2. Great pics Mel, Which one is Forrest? lol

  3. I'm shocked Donald didn't melt away when you layed next to him ~ you "hot" mama you!

  4. RE: Cher... I wouldn't waste my time with Donald (you silly girl) that's Hugh from the Playboy mansion. I was auditioning!!lol

  5. Awww...Mel, thanks for sharing about your tin today! Isn't it amazing how the very same thing was made in two different countries? And thank you for sharing about my blog. I actually shared about YOU in my blog today! :)

    Thanks for sharing your pics from the wax museum with us today! Great pics!

  6. Wow, a cyber friend in bed with Hugh. Ain't taking Sherry there she will want to audition!!! ha

    Oh, I love the tin. What a treasure, makes yard sales what they are a sort of a treasure hunt.

    Branson has grown since we made a trip through. Amazing how a 'tourist trap' can be built. But to have the success they must attract 'us' tourists. In the end it is uaually fun!
    Thanks for the tour.
    Sherry & jack.
    (feel the same about the flash)

  7. I haven't ever seen your tin Mel...are you afraid I'd 'borrow' it?...funny thing is, I also have the same one so I went to get it to see where it was made...ummm...can't find it. It's full of sewing notions., so now the hunt is on.
    The wax museums are fun...I still like one of Slim with Forrest and you and Hugh...funny stuff....and you were next to Ben Cartwright and no kiss????
    Glad you had such an eventful time.

  8. I love wax museums and anywhere to look at old "stuff".

  9. HI Mel, I'm so glad you got to see Mt. Nebo... Hope you get to go back there someday. The sunrises and sunsets from that mounntain are to die for.

    I remember Branson when it first started. It was just tiny---and then it grew leaps and bounds. I've never been there since it is so 'touristy'---but your pictures are GREAT....

    Love your 'tin' also...


  10. Love your tin. It looked like a fun trip. Great pictures of the waxes plus you LOL. I probably wouldn't have had the nerve to pose with them. Helen