pit stop at the zoo~

Are you still following me on my vacation pit stops?  Well then ... it's off to the zoo! 

It's been thirty years since I've gone to a zoo.  I've been to the Milwaukee Zoo in Wisconsin and the Como Zoo in Minnesota  ~ so this was a treat for me.  I loved it; but must confess... when I first got there I really felt bad for the animals ... all caged up like they are.  Then, I got to thinking... I imagine more than 80% of these animals were probably born in a zoo and have never known anything different their whole lives ~ plus they are treated kindly, fed 3 square meals a day, are given room for exercise, kept clean and healthy, they don't have hunt for their next meal,  etc...  so then I let myself go  ... walking around from cage to cage and really REALLY enjoying the day.

That log above the bear ... you can crawl in there to see the bear on his side of the glass.  There was some little kid in it ... so I didn't do it. lol  Besides that ... I think I was a little over the size limitation! ha  Dear Hubby told me, "Don't even think about it Mel."  I love his concern for me.

I hope you enjoyed my little photo tour of our zoo run.  I wish I had more photos to share; but I was having major camera issues on our trip.  So... I'm just thankful for those I do have.

Tomorrow... a garden tour.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Loved the zoo...loved the eagle, macaws, cactus blossoms and especially the TX laws. I wonder if they still enforce any of them?...especially the one about the trains....hilarious
    Thanks for the tour
    Have a great weekend Sis

  2. Great Zoo tour. Something about all those animals that I love. Great pictures. We love sharing some of your vacation. I'm with Dar on the Trains.(LOL) But I do hope you did not milk anone else's cow while there!

    Love from NC, Sherry & Jack

  3. Wow---what a great trip you all had, Mel.... You saw EVERYTHING... Bet you had to take a vacation once you got home--in order to get some rest... ha ha

    LOVE your zoo pictures.

  4. I haven't seen a horse with tail lights yet. lol I had never been to another zoo except San Antonio when I visited my daughter when she lived in Illinois. It felt so different to see the animals in buildings to protect them from the cold.

  5. LOVE that you're sharing your trip via your blog .. why it's "almost" like being there, but not quite the same! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the blue Mckaw