time to jam~

Every year around this time I put on the 70's classic rock vinyls and jam.
Not just to the tunes... but to the berries.

Get the raspberries out of the freezer and into the kettle.

Next..Stir up a little SureJell with water~
Add that to the berries that I smashed up and drained half the seeds off with some sugar ...
Boil away.
Do it again...
This time I'll dice up some apples ~
Throw some heat to them ... mash them with the smasher ...  add a little secret ingredient or two ~
and presto!
A couple hours later ...
I have two batches of Raspberry Jam and two batches of Carmel Apple Jam sitting on the table waiting for some labels. 
That was fun!  Tomorrow I'm doing it all over again with some blueberries, strawberries and rhubarb.


  1. You are one busy jamin' gal.

  2. Oh, I want some! I want some! Seriously, that sounds very good!

  3. Well I guess my stomach is safe another day, I know Sherry ain't gonna do no jammin'.

    Oh but I have watched my mama every year. So we sill buy ours at the farmers market or at Walmart.
    It looked delicious though. Bring on tomorrow!
    Love from SC,
    Sherry & Jack

  4. I meant safe from gaining more weight!!!!
    Love ya!

  5. Oh my that jam looks so yummy! As our oldest granddaughter would say, "Good job, you!" :)

  6. So funny, A few days ago I noticed that my rhubarb plants are pokiing through the ground, so I pulled what was left of last years rhubarb out of the freezer ~ baked a cake and made up some sauce. Apples are next!

  7. What I want to know is, where in the he.. are you finding all that ambition??? Looks 'Jam-licious'.

    Will be right over with the ice cream and waffles to slather it with.

    Great day Jammin' to you

    LOL..verification word is 'wanestir'
    How funny

  8. I am awestruck at your cooking talents & Beautiful photos.
    My tummy is growling for some of your delicious jams.

    Wishing you a weekend of sweetness and sunshine!

  9. Your jam looks wonderful Mel, the carmel apple jam really caught my eye as I am always looking for another way to use the apples that we get each fall from our trees. And I have to admit I never thought about just freezing the fruit and making the jam NOW when a person actually would have the time! Your so smart!!