canned salmon~

Yesterday I took a break from making jelly and jam to switch it over to another item in the freezer that needed tending too.  It was a couple packages of salmon that Sam had caught with his cousin last summer and they had put them into the freezer whole... in anticipation of grilling them. 

Well... then never did end up on the grill and I hate to see anything go to waste so I canned them up... before they got freezer burnt.  Plus... those whole fish were taking up a LOT of room in my freezer.  I hate it when the boys do that ~  I like to have my freezer half way organized and I want to know whats in it and how long it's been in there and like to keep things rotating. 

I really really do hate waste when it comes to good food; and hate to see something get freezer burnt and need to be discarded.  I was going to brine some in salt water and brown sugar to smoke; but there wasn't enough there to mess with.  It seemed like I had a lot; but by time I got them all cleaned up there wasn't as much as I anticipated.  I did get 7 quarts though of the canned made.

I feel better now that I have that little task taken care of.

What a treat to have canned salmon on your pantry shelf when in need of a quick meal or appetizer.  I love taking the canned salmon and mixing it with some creamed cheese to make a spread for on crackers.  Yum.  I also like to take it and add some crushed crackers and a few chopped up onion, green pepper and a egg and shape it into a salmon patty and lightly grill it.  Double Yum.  But my Triple Yum way to make it is creamed with peas  over homemade baking powder biscuits. 

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. You and Dar are working -----, well, HARD working ladies!!!!! I admire anyone who keeps a freezer or refer organized. WE have always had a rough time at it. Inevidibly forget something is there.

    Not so much any more, we don't keep that much in there, and leftovers are routine.

    But the Salmon patties sounded super delicious! And you are a champ for thawing, cleaning and canning the Salmon.

    Yep, everyone will enjoy them!
    From NC,(hungry for salmon patties)
    Sherry & Jack

    Yeah, and DAr had to remind me of the SAP shack.

  2. Your Salmon sounds so good. I have to say, I love it anyway but especially grilled or sauteed with dill sauce...all you mentioned will be fine tho. You're the champ at jammin' and cannin'. Just opened a jar of homemade plum jelly from our trees and Man, now that stuff is sooo danged good.

  3. Heck Mel, I just chop some onion and add mayo and put me out a big box of crackers and I'm in business. Of course I pay over $5.00 for a can of red salmon.

  4. Hello, Mel,

    I wanted to tell you how yummy that canned salmon looks! I was just sharing with my hubby this afternoon how much you remind me of a younger version of his mom. She LOVED anything that had to do with preparing food for her family and loved ones.

    I also wanted to let you know that I left something for you over at my place.

  5. Oh Mel, that looks so good! It's gettng close to that time of year for me to check the freezer and see whats buried in the bottom. I might even have some salmon left!

  6. You are just so smart, Mel. Canning that salmon is perfect... And putting it over peas would make a delicious quickie dinner...

    Hope you have a great week.

  7. Yummy, yummy. I'll have to try the cream cheese
    with salmon spread, sounds delicious.
    We ate some more walleye the other night,
    thanks again...we love it.
    Also been dipping into the pickled beans...
    very good eating.
    Catch ya later, love, me

  8. Looks good. Your canning is really pretty. I bet you have a pantry bulging with all sorts of wonderfully delightful foodies.

    Wishing you a warm rest of the week filled with sunshine and happiness!


  9. I love salmon patties. You sure went to a lot of trouble to do all that. It will be worth it though. Helen