We're home again after our little vacation.  Phew! What a  trip ... what a long trip ... what a grand time!  I don't even know how to blog anymore it's been so long.  I have a lot of catching up to do.

What I do know though is I have a wonderful best friend who has given me a wonderful vacation with him ... and I wouldn't have changed a thing about our time spent together.  I just don't know where to start on telling about it ... or what pictures to post or what!!!! Where do you start when you have so many pictures and stories to share?

Should I post about the ice storm I had to drive through in Iowa ...
.... where all the trees and grass looked like God had sprinkled it with glitter and glass.

Or our visits with the the critters ...

from land ...
and sea.
Introduce Slim's new friend ... It's true ... Life is a box of chocolates...

or show where we've been ...

Or tell you who we've seen?
There was so much to see!!
Even a cat in a tree.

But the best part of all was spending time with my sister Colleen.

Also, spending the time with my best friend in the whole wide world ...  my Dear Hubby ~ Slim.

Oops ... How did that get on here!!

I meant to post me and Slim ...
oops again.... I said SLIM ... not TIM McGraw!!!

Where the heck did I put that picture of me and Slim?
Well I found Slim ... he's hanging out on Mt Nebo ...

and I found another one of me ...
Hanging on for dear life out on Mt. Nebo ... Slim was saying, "Just a little closer to the edge Mel ... I'll get a good shot." Ya... right!!! The tree tops were already up to my shaking knees!  "I promise honey... that little thing with Tim and Hugh ... it was nothing... just a fleeting moment.  Can I please come off this rock now??? and will you PLEASE stop asking me to get closer to the rim!!!!"
Here's another one of my many many favorite things I saw in the last couple weeks...

G'pa Slim and Bailey playing with the bubble gun when we got home.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Hey we have been missing you! So glad you had a great time. Sounds like a GREAT vacation. Love the pictures. Brave huh? getting close to the edge.
    Welcome back hope you brought Spring back.
    From NC,
    Sherry & Jack
    'Yeah a few minutes ago, Sherry announced, 'Mel's back', so I had to visit to see what was shaking!!

  2. So glad to hear you had a great trip! Very nice snapshot of what you did and saw, and I'm sure you'll share more details as time permits. Thanks for sharing the Toot Toot sign... great memories for me. :)

  3. Glad you're home sis. I actually missed the hell outaya...the week dragged on but now I see why...my favs?...Bailey, of course, look at that smile...Slim and Forest Gump, You , Hugh, and Tim cheatin' on Slim,
    You hanging off the edge of that rock...brave girl who doesn't like heights, and my absolute fav...Colleen by the cactus...can't wait to spend some time with her this fall in TX.
    Glad You're home...BlessYourHeart

  4. Glad you had a safe trip home and had fun. Trying to figure out where in Texas you were. One picture looked like the hill country. Sure it wasn't around here, we're ugly. lol

  5. Glad you are home and boy, did I ever miss you! I'm so glad that you had a great vacation with your best friend in the whole world...even if you couldn't find a pic of him! lol

    Loved today's post and glad to have you back!

  6. It sounds as if you had a wonderful trip. I hope you enjoyed Mt. Nebo as much as Betsy and I do. I recognized the setting of both of your pictures. I'm glad you didn't get too close to the edge!

  7. Hi Mel, So glad you all visited our favorite place in the whole world---Mt. Nebo. We've been 6 times --and just barely missed seeing you there. We were there from Feb. 22-26...

    As George said, we recognized both pictures. What cabin did you stay in? We always request Cabin 60.

    Glad you got to see Mt. Nebo--even if the road up is steep. We are so used to it now---but I thought I would panic the first time we did it!!!!!

    Hope to hear more about your trip to Texas.


  8. Mel & Slim - was wonderful to have you in Texas -absolutely loved having you visit. Thanks for all the goodies, the grins and giggles, and the conversation.
    Loved every moment.
    So glad you made it to Mt. Nebo and
    the Hot Springs area and Branson. Post more pics
    when you can - I know you took a bunch.
    Come back as soon as possible, we have alot more
    to do! One of my favorite things happened in my
    own kitchen, baking homemade bread with the two
    of you! Oh, the smell and the taste and the feel of the melting butter running down my cheek! lol
    Can't wait to do that again!!
    love ya's and thanks for the great visit...
    looks like Slim likes the bubble gun as much as
    Miss Bailey! Sam too!

  9. Sweet! I love your captions and pictures. I'm smiling as I write this. I'm so happy you & Slim had such a magnificent journey. There's nothing like making special memories with family and friends. It's Awesome!

    Wishing you millions of smiles and happiness!

  10. Wow, Mel, it looks like you guys had an awesome vacation. Those were some awesome pics you posted. Welcome home!

    As for Amanda, yeah, she's pretty happy about being made an Honorary Canuck. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by, Mel; it was really nice to hear from you. :)

  11. Gee, that was some trip, covering lotsa stuff! Glad you had fun and are home safely. :)

  12. Welcome back home Mel!! We all missed you and your pictures kind of tells it all, you and slim and your travels:) Getting away just makes home that much sweeter!foridd