what's goin' on~

I just got my morning call from my brother inlaw JD with the morning question, "what's going on?"
Not much really... I'm going to be canning and smoking some salmon later on; but this morning it's catching up on some laundry and house cleaning... and a little blogging.  That fun domestic stuff we wives do.
I made some more jelly yesterday ~
this one is strawberry rhubarb... I love when it comes to that full boil and gets all foamy in the pan. 
 and coats the spoon... letting me know it's at "that stage" ...
Time to skim off the foam and get it processed into the hot sterilized jars.
I also did up a batch of cranberry jelly  ... isn't it pretty?  I just love the color and flavor of cranberries.

So far I've put up two batches of raspberry jelly, two batches of raspberry jam, two batches of caramel apple jam, two batches of strawberry rhubarb jelly and two batches of cranberry jelly.  I still have to make plain strawberry and blueberry and possibly a  mix berry of raspberry/blackberry/blueberry/strawberry.  I would love to do a straight batch of blackberry; but I don't think I have enough berries for it.  Then Sara asks me yesterday if I had any apple butter or peach cobbler jam left.  Dang.. now I have to think about those two flavors.  I'm getting jelly headed thinking about it! 

Well... I'm outa here for the time being ... time to go and play with some fish and get them brined for the smoker and cut up for the canner.  I'm taking a break from the jelly for a couple days.

I heard yesterday that Fifield is getting a new consignment shop ... hmmm... another outlet for my jelly??

Plus... I found a new recipe for homemade fondant that I'm dying to try out.  I need more time in a day!!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Beautiful pictures of beautiful berries. Mel you are just a magician with these berries. Yummy, home made goodies. I can imagine everyone wants to eat at Melody's house.

  2. You are absolutely too much. The strawberry rubarb looks out of this world.
    Rhubarb was not one of out standards in the South. I was in my fifties before I had Rhubarb pie.

    You can make a person strike a hunger lady!
    Great entry and I am glad your take time to get pictures.

    Don't workd too hard,
    Love from NC,
    Jack & Sherry

  3. Good are busy! I love homemade jams and jellys and strawberry -rhubarb is a favorite...yum!!! I will be doing a rhubarb pie for my Pieday very soon. Where are you getting all the berries???

  4. RE: Moni & Jack & Janet ~ Thank you for your wonderful compliments. As for where I get the berries ~ we pick them in the summer months when they are in season. I like doing my jelly making and such though in the springtime or in the winter months when I don't have anything else going on. So... until then I put them up in the freezer. Although, now that we don't have the bait shop anymore and I have more time on my hands; that tradition too might change.

  5. Mercy girl, you HAVE been too busy for coffee. Your jams and jellies look 'fab' as usual. They must go like hotcakes, or good ON hotcakes.
    Take a break...come see me
    A tornado went through my house today...yippee
    Blessya Mel

  6. Oh Mel, it all looks so good! You make me look lazy ~ oh wait it's not you after all, I just AM lazy!

  7. Your jellies and jams all look/sound so wonderful, Mel. And I have no doubt but what they are. Isn't it wonderful when we enjoy what we do? Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

    Oh...and now I can see your butterflies. Love the new look! SO cool.

  8. It's always a buffet for the eyes visiting your blog. I bet your jelly is scrumptious.

    What does that mean about the brine and the fish? Do you marinate them in it and then put them in the smoker. Do the fish taste salty? mmm sounds interesting.

    Your pictures are always so pretty and clear and bright, If you don't mind my asking, what type camera do you use?

    Wishing you a warm and scrumptious weekend!

  9. Hi Mel, Oh ---I'd give my right arm for some of your strawberrry rhubarb jelly.... Both George and I love it --and it's hard to find. We bought some once at a little Mennonite place....

    We also love Strawberry Butter... Made that?????

    I'm jealous that you know how to do all of those things... I have no CLUE... I'd rather be raking the yard... ha

    Have a great weekend....
    P.S. Where do fall into the family? I know that Dar showed pictures of she and her twin brother.