pit stop at the mt and in the theater~

I hope you're not too bored with my pit stop post ~ but it's a good place for me to keep track of things here on my blog.

It was Thursday, March  4th and we were on our way north, home to Wisconsin, after spending a week in Texas.  When we went down to Texas we pretty much stayed on Interstate 35 from St. Paul/Minneapolis right down to Fort Worth.  Coming home, we decided to do some sight seeing and come home through the Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri.

We chose to travel the Scenic Byway Hwy 7 north of Hot Springs, Arkansas.  What a beautiful route; but talk about some winding, curvy roads and very hilly country.  Driving through the Ouachita National Forest and up to Dardanelle, Arkansas was our destination for the first day.  It was breath taking ... even with the foilage off the trees.    Then off we went to climb up Mt. Nebo which is just a five mile skip from the town of Dardanelle.  I have to thank George and Betsy from Tennessee who visit my blog and have their own blog over at Joyful Reflections for their sharing of this wonderful place called Mt. Nebo.  It was because of their post that perked an interest in me to go and see the place in the first place. 

The roads were fun ... as long as I wasn't the one having to drive them. Talk about hairpin curves and not knowing what was around the corner or over the ridge!

While we were standing by one of the scenic overpasses we heard a plane; then all of a sudden there were two of them right straight out from us.  I did manage to get off a few shots. It was pretty cool to take a picture of a plane looking straight off a mountain top to do it without tilting my head up towards the sky to do it.
  What I can't figure out though on these pictures is why the sky color looks so different in each one?? It's no doubt just my funky little camera... but honestly, they were shot one two three in consecutive order.

Driving through the Ozarks too... the water is such a beautiful hue of turquoise or aqua marine.... just beautiful!
From Mt Nebo we headed up to Branson where we spent some time checking out the shows and gift shops.

One show that we took in was the Legends Concert at the Dick Clark Theater ~ talk about some talented people. 
There were impersonators; but soooooooooooo real .... you would swear you were right in the room with the originals.
I hope you enjoyed the conclusion of my vacation photo tours.
Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. This is great. I put Mt. Nebo on our 'To See' list. Your shots of Branson show such growth since we were there many years ago. Amazing how a Tourist spot can crop almost over night.
    You described seeing the planes, and how it felt. I feel the same taking a picture of a big bird flying even or below. It is a deep feeling.
    Love from NC, Enjoyed the read,
    Jack & Sherry

  2. So glad you made so many memories with your best friend, Slim. Man, those hairpin turns...aren't you glad you were driving a new vehicle with good brakes? Yikes. Love the scenery. The Ozarks are awesome. We took Andy through them but it's been 13 yrs. ago. I remember cause he wanted to practice his driving with his drivers permit. It Never Happened. You were so excited when you were telling me about the Legends Concert, it had to be great.
    Now, when we going back together so we can stop and go through that junk yard.?
    Thanks kid...I feel I was right there with you.

  3. Hi Mel, Thanks for mentioning us... I'm just glad to share our little paradise with you and anyone else who may be interested. George and I have been up Scenic Highway 7 a few times. As you can imagine, there are lots of waterfalls in those mountains...

    I'm glad you saw my Ouachita Mtn. post... I'll post more from Arkansas off and on the next few weeks.

    Love your pictures. I recognize most of those places--until Branson (where I've never been).


  4. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Mt. Nebo. I think we've been to most of the places you pictured. I haven't been to Branson, but I might make it one of these days.

  5. Glad you had a good driver on those hair pin curves. Beautiful photos.

  6. Keep 'em coming - loving the vacation pics.
    Can't wait til you come back and do it again.

  7. Thanks Mel, I've really been enjoying your journey. It's become my virtual vacation. lol

  8. Awww, Mel, do you mean we are at the end already? I've really enjoyed all of the beautiful sights you've shared with us. Thanks SO much!

  9. RE: Dianna~ I know what you mean... my vacation time went too fast for me too!