pit stop at the flea market~

okay... I know I said yesterday it was my last pit stop of my vacation post; but I'd thought I'd take you along to one more place.  A flea market.... but not just any little ol' flea market... this one is a biggie!  It's the flea market held only on Saturday and Sundays in Grand Prairie, TX called Traders Village.

It's over 100 acres in size and claims to have almost 2000 vendors!  You can find anything and everything imaginable there.  From car parts to party lights ... perfume to pudding ... a new pet to a new all terrain vehicle ... candles, crafts, jewelry, pots and pans, wind chimes, etc...  a VERY interesting place to wander around and spend a day.

It also has an amusement park area with rides for the kids.  Food booths are every where... and bras and socks.  Seriously, I never seen so many socks and bras for sale in one place in my life.  You could buy a bra there for $2.00 and a hooded sweatshirt for $5.00.  Honestly, I'm set for a couple years now! lol

I loved checking out everything!!!  I just LOVED the fresh fruits and veggie and floral market.   It was so cool seeing the women scraping off the pickers of the cactus and seeing the bonsai trees.

Traders Village is often referred to by the locals as 'little mexico'.  Well... I have to admit... I learned a lesson while in 'little mexico'.  Don't order anything preceded by the word "hot".  I had a hot link that had my eyes watering and had me gasping for air.  Phew... when they say hot they mean it!  AND... putting the cheese sauce over it does NOT cool it down.  AND just because you see a little kid eating it does not make it safe ... Mercy!!  I knew I should have had the turkey leg or roasted corn on the cob.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Too funny Mel - I just walked back into the Art Dept.
    from the Sales Office up front, where I was telling
    them about all the socks we saw at Traders Village...
    just to open this up and lo and behold you just posted
    about the same stuff I was telling them. Kindred
    Spirits, I'd say. Maybe next time we can get Slim to
    try out the cactus... or buy some and prepare it for us -LOL. He'd leave the stickers on mine for sure! ROFL.
    Gotta say, I had a great time with ya'll.
    I took the rest of the doughnuts out of the freezer
    and will be bringing them to work tomorrow.
    Maybe with alittle sugar and cinnamon.
    thanks for all you do....love ya ... me

  2. I love flea markets, way out west we call 'em Swap Meets! Swap money for whatever, lol. Yes, I love the yummy home made goodies,such fun adventures.

  3. I was so tickled to see that you gave us one more pit stop to share in your vacation with you! Now do you think you could do just one more tomorrow? lol If you do, I'll be asking for another one the following day. ~wink~

    Have you ever had cactus before? My daughter fixes it and it is SO good! Had to chuckle about you saying that just because you saw a kid eating something hot doesn't mean it is safe! When those little guys start eating it at such a young age I think it must burn their taste buds.

    Surely did enjoy today's post.

  4. I'm back Mel - just wondering how you like
    the pots and pans you bought at Traders
    Village? I still think you should have gotten
    one of those HUGE wok looking fish cookers.
    My gosh, you could have taken a bath in those!!

    And - what has Slim been doing with all those
    exam gloves he bought? rofl!

  5. Yep, we love flea mkts also. Have never been to one that large. Had to laugh at the HOT disertation and this was a great note 'even if you see a little kid eating one!'
    Great entry, another note to self, thanks,
    Jack & Sherry

  6. RE: Colleen... Slim just happened to use those exam gloves yesterday ~ wearing them while mixing up some homemade summer sausage and bratwurst and breakfast sausage ... that he has going in the smokehouse today. Yuppers... we bought latex exam gloves there too ... and they were only $2.00 a box! I LOVE my green marble ware pans too ... like cooking with enamel ware ... same thing basically... and for $10 ... another good investment. I had to cut the underwire out of my bra though for maximum comfort issues. Just thought I'd throw that in.

  7. You slay me....Rofl

  8. OMG ~ I laughed so hard at your last comment about the bra Mel ~ it hit home! LOVE your vacation pics! We'll have to hit the St Germain flea market this summer. Not quite as big as Traders Market but still big enough to find treasures.

  9. Cute entry: John and I used to go to lots of flea markets but my legs complain too much now. The larger ones we went to had live music and dancing too.

  10. So that's Traders Village...do you think I will ever get Bill to vacation differently? We usually are hunting by the first weekend so that must be why we haven't hit it yet...and I don't think they are open the end of Oct. anymore...anyway, someday maybe. Til then I will just have to see it through your eyes. Thanks for the trip...did you go to any antique shops?and shop?...share more....
    the 'hot' entry was a hoot...
    seeya and blessya

  11. Fabulous post. I totally enjoy all of your magnificent photos and thoughts.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  12. Wow Mel..... You really had a fabulous trip, didn't you??? I cannot believe you got to do and see so much on your trip.... When I lived in Texas, I heard about Traders Village---but never went there. It looks fabulous.... I know you had a wonderful time. AND yes---I know about HOT Mexican food.


  13. LOL Mel. Yeah, watching the kids being dragged across the carpet definitely made me smile, too. Kids are so easily amused, aren't they? LOL

    I like the new look of your blog. It's very spring/summery. *thumbs up* :) Thanks for dropping by to visit me; it was great to hear from you! :)

  14. Your post was hilarious! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself at our flea market. I am a huge fan of the endless shopping myself...and I never run short on bras or socks :). The next time you are here, please ask for me in the front office, and I'll make sure to buy you a turkey leg. I can assure you, they are not half as hot as the links!
    - Amy Moore

  15. RE: Amy ~ thanks for stopping by my blog! I had a fantastic time at Traders Village! AND... I will take you up on that turkey leg! LOL