bluebird of happiness~

The bluebird of happiness flew down and pooped all over me ... and it wasn't happy poo ~ I want their happy poo!!!!
it's been a hectic time again and sometimes it's just not that easy to keep a smile on this grumpy ol' face of mine:(

Once again, I had to stay in the hospital for a 24 hour watch period because of my atypical complications with this goofy heart of mine, esophagus spasms and neuropathy residual pain from when I had shingles a year ago.  Will it ever end? 

After taking four nitro tablets at home and not being able to get my chest and back pain to go away ... I ended up in ER on Saturday.  I'm fine now ... after getting a nitro drip hooked into the veins, some heparin flowing through the arteries and some morphine to make me smile.  Seriously, not a fun way to spend a day.

All is better now and for that I AM THANKFUL!!  It just seems that whenever I reach a point of feeling good ~ something always creeps up on me again and knocks the wind out of my sail.  Not fair... but I'm a fighter and will NOT let this get me down ... even though it sounds like it from the beginning of this post... wishing bluebirds would poop on me.  Yeah right!  Just try it you poopy little birds.

Last night we did go for a little ride after supper.  We went into town to watch the girls softball team.  My Grandlove Amanda plays on the Jr. Varsity team.  We only stayed  through the fourth inning of her game because I just couldn't take much more than that; but it still was nice to see her play. We had already watched the Varsity Team play before that.  They lost their game; but the Jr. Varsity Team was ahead when we left.  I'll have to call Amanda later and get the update on the remainder of her game.  I hope they won. 

All three of my granddaughters are playing ball this year ~ and all are on the summer leagues ... so I know there will be more games to see.  Even Bailey had her first practice yesterday for t-ball.  I'm just happy to see them participating in sports.  Active kids are happy kids:)

Seriously, may the bluebird of happiness shine down upon all of us.  Life's too short to be grumpy and miserable.  This is the Day the Lord has made, REJOICE and be glad in it!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I'm glad that your health issues were taken care of at the hospital. I like your spirit, as I read your post.

  2. I see you're hanging in there. You always manage to get up and go again, kiddo. My heart goes out to you always.
    As for those bluebirds, I'm sure you already know they would never poo on our sweet Mel-o-dy! Besides, your pic is of those nasty barn or tree swallows~~~now, They Will poo on you, be aware, looking up.
    Have a great day, the Sun is Shining without the winds.

  3. RE: Dar... I knew they were tree swallows and not bluebirds..lol ~ I was just wondering if anyone else would notice. HA!!

  4. ha ha. your sis is keeping you honest. :)

    feel better, dear!

  5. I'm so sorry Mel, I understand completely, been there, done that. Here's to hoping you have NO MORE spells!! It is scary is what it is. Take care dear.

  6. Awww so sorry you had to have that bad time but sounds like you always cope well. Take care of yourself and how come your barn swallows are blue and mine are black? lol

  7. Hi Mel, So sorry to hear that you were back in the hospital.. I'm glad you are better now Keep on hanging in there... I'm sure you will.... God be with you.

    Glad you got to see some of the grandlove's game. My granddaughters play softball --and I'd love to see them play. BUT--they are in Texas...


  8. What a load of poo to hit you. So sorry about your hospital trip but so glad you are doing better. Impressed you went to sit at a ball game so fresh from the hospital. You go girl.
    I caught the swallows also.

  9. REal sorry to read about the incident with your heart. I'm familiar with that as Frances still keeps a bottle of nitro handy for such attacks. Thank God you are some better. May the good Lord sweep down upon you instead of those awful bluebirds! ☺

  10. You lead a scary life woman!!! Things like this have to put the fear of bajeebers in both of ya. Take care because we want to keep reading your blog! I'm selfish that way!

  11. As for the bird picture ~ I was just happy to see it was swallows and not vultures! I can say that cuz being your sister I know you understand my sick sense of humor! Was good talking with you the other day ~ I miss you like crazy. I'm selfish that way!! lol
    'love & hugs from afar'

  12. Goodness! Not fun stuff you've been going through AT ALL! I hope that you get and stay well!
    My daughter had a kidney transplant, and I can remember celebrating each and every day that we made it through without going to the hospital.
    My thoughts go out to you, and sending hugs too!
    Hope that the rest of the week is a good one, and that you feel happy as a 'bluebird!'

  13. I didn't see this post until I commented on your latest one. So sorry you have been through so much and can only hope there will not be another attack like that.

  14. I left a comment but I think cyberspace chewed it up!