God's Garden~

grandiflora trillium
What seemed like forever ... and the longest winter on record ... we are finally feeling like our weather has done it's duty of catching up.  The woods are once more bursting with new life and it just feels sooooooo good to see it, smell it, touch it.

The trilliums are in full bloom ~

as are the many of the other wild flowers ~  it takes a while here in the north woods for it to warm up after our long winters ... but when we do ... we do it fast and everything seems to sprout and grow over night.  I just love it when this section of God's Garden starts blooming again.

The wild flowers, the trees, wherever you look ~ everything is bursting with new growth ...  it's a good thing :)

Take some time today to enjoy God's Garden.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I'm in love with these white flowers! Purest color in universe , they must be velvety in touch right? They look incredible! One of the best creation of God are the gorgeous flowers:)
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  2. Wonderful title to your post, Mel... The wildflowers are all God's Garden for sure... You captured some beautiful flowers. I know you are THRILLED to see Spring arrive there.

    Don't miss my blog today.

  3. I haven't seen wild flowers in ages. When kids I saw them all the time walking to and from country school. I have a bulb I am watching like a hawk in my whiskey barrel cause I did not put it there. I posted a picture of the leaves to see if anyone knew what it may look like. So far one guess. It wintered really well.

  4. The trilliums are very pretty. In fact, all of the pictures that you took of "God's Garden" are beautiful!

  5. Loved all your trees and flowers. Helen

  6. It is worth the long wait, isn't it? Beautiful!!

  7. God sure did give us such beauty. His garden brings joy & peace to my soul. I sure hope there are lots of flowers up there in heaven. I love that turtle. I carry them home often. Found one on my last walk. It is still in my flower bed around the garden pond tonight. How do I know? I went looking with a flashlight about 11:oo pm. So glad spring has sprung at your home. Blessings!

  8. Saying hello and letting you know I'm here!

  9. Wonderful pictures. I love trilliums. They always remind me of home. We are truly blessed to see the changes of all four seasons ~ spring never comes soon enough!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  10. Great pics! We can't wait to get all of our stuff planted!

  11. Hi Mel! Checking out this whole blogging situation. Love your site. Take care- Danielle