on the cooling rack~

sugar free rhubarb custard pie

My domestic diva unleashed this morning and I baked!  I haven't done that for several weeks now and Dear Hubby was complaining.  He took me to town this morning for breakfast ~ I think he was buttering me up ... 'cuz on the way home he said it sure would be nice to have something sweet to eat again in the house besides Jello. LOL  What! Who doesn't like Jello?  I always have a variety of sugar free flavors made up in the frig.
So ... good wifey that I am I baked some pie.  Not just one... but two.  I'm calling them "his" and "hers". Slim must have REALLY wanted some pie because he already had the rhubarb cleaned and cut up this morning before I even got out of bed.  Talk about a hint!

Then ~ I caved in some more and whipped out five loaves of rye bread.  That ought to calm the big boy down for a bit.  (no...the loaf on the right isn't burnt ... just a shadow on the picture)

Last evening I visited my daughter Staci and she was out putzing around in her garden.  She gave me the nicest surprise ... a big handful of asparagus.  I just had to lay the tape measure down beside it to show how long it was ... and it's tender tender tender all the way through.  No having to cut off anymore of it before cooking.

Now I'm debating whether or not to eat is just parboiled with butter or to make up a kettle of cream of asparagus soup.  There's enough there ~ maybe both:)

I got my little sign I painted back out beside the door. 
Don't you just hate it when someone ever so lightly tap tap taps on a door?
This sign really is for Slim's benefit; but I think it'll help me too:)
We really should invest in a doorbell.

Brandy has been busy squirrel hunting ~ let me rephrase ... ripping up a stump in the yard ...

The squirrels really have nothing to fear ~  she only last about 10 minutes per mission ... then needs her nap.

and it's free eating once again on the feeder that is about 5 feet away from her rug on the deck ~

Yeah ... it's a fearful place around here for the squirrels ~  and they know it!

Even the hummingbirds are getting in on the act ~ sitting on the deck rail, and plant stand watching the dog sleep.
Brandy ~ doing what she does best! Keeping the squirrels off the deck.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Hubby rarely begs me to cook. He knows we're safer eating out. I'm a lot like Brandy, after about 10 minutes, I need a nap!

  2. After weeding in-between rain showers, I too am feeling the need of a nap. The dogs of course want a walk. So many heavy clouds around though ... iffy.

    I'm not sure what to do with my day. Not motivated one way or another. There's lots to do mind you!!!!

  3. I have been eyeing my is almost ready to use...great pics!!

  4. oh, that sweet baby girl! i love her white muzzle!!! yum on the pies!! and BREAD!!!

  5. I don't need a doorbell, because (1) I live so far out that people rarely come to visit, and (2) I have 5 "doorbells" that vaguely resemble your Brandy! The let me know if someone is as close as the road in front of the house, so the idea of a doorbell is rendered useless!

  6. It all looks yummy. We had fresh asparagus for supper ~ sauteed in olive oil with a little minced garlic and a dash of sea salt on top. Ours were long too, but very tender! LOVE your sign! Great talking with you today!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  7. Hi Mel, YUM.... I would LOVE rhubarb pie.. My Mom used to make it. SO GOOD... Haven't had any in years... Save me a piece.

    I also like Asparagus--anyway I can get it... YUM... Making me hungry again and I just ate.

    I SO need Brandy down here to keep the squirrels off of our deck and feeders...

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  8. A doorbell doesn't always help John "cause he plays the TV so loud he doesn't hear the doorbell. Would you believe I've never eaten rubarb. I have no idea what it taste like.

  9. Good Lord! You are a baking fool! I wish I had your energy and the desire to do all that! I've got a gallon bag of rhubarb in the freezer; waiting to get the ingred. for rhubarb crisp. Your bread looks yummy! Nothing better than the smell of homemade bread.

  10. Some good lucking food you have cooked up. That asparagus is really long. Helen

  11. Brandy looks like she has done her job. That squirrel really had an evil eye.
    Asparagus in any form thank you.
    Arkansas Patti

  12. Love the photos! I don't know that I've ever seen a hummingbird at rest before ~

  13. If we're ever in WI, I'm gonna knock real loud so you hear me....especially if you bake bread and pies like these!

  14. Now you have made me hungry again!! Everything looks so good. Love the pictures and the dog.