orioles & plant list~

It's so nice to be seeing some of our summer birds return:)

The northern or baltimore orioles are back (across 40 acres and through the woods over at Mom's house) :

image from the internet
Mom also spotted the orchard oriole :

image from the internet

So far, I personally haven't had the opportunity to see them up close at my place; but it's nice to know they are in the vicinity again.

I love watching and feeding the birds.  Every morning ~ my daily routine always begins with me sitting out on my deck just watching and listening to them while I have my morning coffee.  Isn't that a nice way to start one's day?  I think so:)

I bought another perennial for the flower bed yesterday ~ a columbine

Some day ...

When I'm long gone ...

All these perennial flowers will be at their peak ... multiplying and spreading their beauty ~  I hope that whoever sees them in all their glory ~ thinks of me:)

Oh I don't plan on dying anytime soon; but I just hope that all my efforts in making my flower beds for my own enjoyment are as appreciated from others with the understanding of how much love, sweat and tears went into making them.  Gardening is a LOT of work!

When we built our house in 1998 my yard was a blank canvas ... not really blank though.  We cleared a spot in the woods.  We had to cut down trees, dig up roots, remove dirt, haul in dirt, deal with soil erosion, put in flower beds, etc... and all of this has taken a lot of time.

I'm a dreamer.

I look at magazines and visit flower gardens and nurseries and I want that look.  You know what I'm talking about ~ that look of lush green plants with no bugs on them, all nicely manicured lawns and flowers ...

... then I have to come back to reality and deal with what I have to work with.


Come to terms that all these "dream gardens" didn't happen over night ~ many of these "dream gardens" are old established gardens that have been pruned and pampered for years before they become that "dream" oasis that I'm striving for.


I will continue.  Adding a few new plants each year.  Pampering the ones I have.  Enjoying what is before me at the moment.  Yes, I am working on my oasis ~ my own back yard.  It's getting there; but just like building a new home ... it will never be completed.  I will always be making improvements.

I'm also a list maker.  So far this is what I've planted over the years in my yard: (photos are in no particular order to the plants listed)

trees and shrubs

10 apple of different variety  (9 survived)
1 cherry  (long gone but IS going to be replaced ... some day)
2 black walnut, started from seed (1 survived)
redtwig dogwood
red barberry
bridals wreath
service berry
mountain ash
white lilac
purple lilac
blue rug juniper

perennial flowers
stella d'oro daylily
yellow daylily
burgundy lily
pink peony
burgundy peony
white peony
stargazer lily
tiger lily
bearded iris of various colors
roses of various variety
hostas of various variety (my fave being sum & substance)
white astilbe
pink astilbe
purple astilbe
bleeding hearts
cinnamon fern
maidenhair fern
wood fern
johnny jump ups
moonbeam coreopsis
purple coneflower
blue festuca

purple phlox
miniature blue iris
lily of the valley
golden sedum
joy of autumn sedum
a few more sedums I can't remember their name??
snow on the mountain (not a fan of this ~ too invasive)
queen of the prairie
butter and cream snapdragon
orange poppy
pink poppy

goats beard
queen ann's lace
missouri primrose

turtles head
jacob's ladder
and a bunch more!!! that I can't think of right now

Any hoooooooooooo..... may they all grow and flourish and be enjoyed for years!!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Yes, we know that gardening is an ongoing experience ---from year to year. LOTS of hard work --but when we see the huge differences from one year to the next, it is all worth it. I'm sure you agree.... Your yard must be fabulous!!!!

    Fabulous pictures of the birds.... Aren't they just gorgeous????

    Glad Blogger is back (I hope).

  2. I do not know many of my plants names and I have ran out of room for more flower beds but I enjoy what I have. Now the birds I would have room for.

  3. Mercy, Mel, your list is as long as mine...I was just rereading one of many of my garden journals. Boy, am I behind on those.
    Love this time of year with all the planning and materializing our dreams.

  4. Those birds and flowers are all beautiful.

  5. Wow, you have been busy and such beauties.
    I keep thinking I am working towards a garden that will re-establish each year all on its own. Ha!!!
    Oh well, it beats joining a gym and is much more rewarding.

  6. From the looks of things you and Slim work very hard. It's paying off in beautiful flowers and trees. I want a fabulous garden but without all that work! ☻

  7. Shannon's orioles are back in full force, she has several of them. Her daycare kids are all becoming little bird watchers. Your flower gardens and yard are always beautiful! You have the greenest thumb of all! I'm still in the dreaming stage.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  8. Hi sweet heart. I remember when I started reading a Blog called 'Up North With Mel'. I loved it. Never thought I would meet you. We were just looking at the pictures we made of your place the other day, when we actually got to meet you and little Slim. I loved the picture of me and Brandy, such a sweet dog.

    I had a picture of the garden falls and patio you done. I have been busy but sherry has kept me alerted with "Guess what Mel has!" (I hate to guess). hahahahaha

    Anyway just wanted to say Hi and say I hope to be back soon. Kiss Slim for me but tell him it is from Sherry!!!!